John McCook Happy About Eric and Donna's Romance on 'The Bold and the Beautiful'
John McCook Happy About Eric and Donna's Romance on 'The Bold and the Beautiful'
The Bold and the Beautiful took a shocking turn when Eric Forrester and Donna Logan, who happens to be the sister of Eric's ex-wife, Brooke, shared a passionate kiss and brought their relationship to a whole new level.  For John McCook, who plays the Forrester patriarch, the development is a very welcome change, as he says it has breathed new life into his character.

“I've had a real re-energizing of Eric,” McCook told Soap Opera Weekly, adding his character is enjoying the relationship because he has come to realize that there was something missing in his life other than a warm bed. That said, The Bold and the Beautiful has been careful not to make the Eric and Donna's romance solely about sex.

“It goes way beyond a sexual relationship.  We keep trying to minimize that, because I don't want Eric to be perceived as just...[out for] sex,” John McCook said.  “Jennifer [Lynne Gareis], who plays Donna, has also been very wary of playing ‘the sex kitten and the older guy.'  Bottom line is, it's going to be written that way, anyway.  [But] we want to make this a different relationship.  So far, it seems to be going all right.”

Although the pairing came as a surprise to viewers, some hints were dropped, including the scenes wherein Eric was buying drink for Donna at Café Russe.

“It was very important to us to keep that scene above [sex], and for her not to flirt,” John McCook said.  “To have a scene where it's a woman and a man talking about what's going on, rather than her flirting with him and making herself available at the bar — in spite of some of the lines they wrote for her.  She played against them, and I was really pleased.”

Now that he is embarking on a new chapter in his life with Donna, McCook said that his character is also beginning to shed the remnants of his old self, an act that has been made easier with the absence of Stephanie (Susan Flannery).

“He's absolutely closed off to Stephanie right now,” he told Soap Opera Weekly.  “He's not able to deal with her because she left town.  What he is feeling is the freedom and the enjoyment of living his life as an artist, businessman and as a man.  He's going through big changes.”

Such changes on The Bold and the Beautiful have also allowed McCook to infuse more of himself into his character.

“As an actor, what's happening is that, for 20 years, it's been important for me to leave a lot of who I am out of Eric,” he explained.  “For the first 10 years [I played the] businessman.  Not a lot of humor, not a lot of energy, not a lot of joy.  My sense of humor and my energy was something that I had to omit.  But now I can put more of John into Eric.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Soap Opera Weekly
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