'The Blacklist' Recap: A Brew to Die For
'The Blacklist' Recap: A Brew to Die For
Kelly Schremph
Kelly Schremph
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Welcome back to The Blacklist, where stress levels are high and the body counts just keep on coming. Next up on Reddington's list is someone called "The Stewmaker," which also just so happens to be the title of the episode (and the reason you won't be able to think of stew the same way again. Thanks, NBC!).

He's kidnapped someone and the clock is ticking, forcing Reddington and Agent Ressler to work together for the first time ever. Why? Well, because Agent Keen gets a little tied up, so to speak, with her own set of problems. (You'll appreciate that later.) Let's dig in!

Courtroom Drama

It's an important day for Agent Keen. She's scheduled to testify against a Mexican drug dealer by the name of Hector Lorca -- a man responsible for hundreds of deaths and disappearances of people who were supposed to testify against him in the past. But this time it's different. This time, they have a witness that could put him away for good. But Reddington isn't so sure. He meets with Keen and tells her that Hector has contacted him to help set him up with a brand new identity, which means he plans on being free in the very near future. Keen assures Reddington that's not going to happen.

But, of course, it does. Like always, Reddington's prophecies once again come true. While the witness is on the stand, one of the jury members has a sudden heart attack, putting an automatic pause on the trial. Keen hands the witness over to security to place him in a holding area. Bad idea! Ressler informs Keen that the juror was poisoned, which means this was all part of Hector's plan as a way to lure the witness out of safety. When Keen rushes to check on him, he's disappeared.

She calls Reddington to ask for his help in bringing Hector down, so he can no longer get away with this. At first, he declines her request since he's only looking to bring down the "big fish," but when she mentions how none of the victims' bodies were ever found, it immediately sparks his interest. Cut to the Stewmaker himself as he takes a picture of the now-dead witness right before dumping him into a tub of chemicals. (Hopefully, it's not acid because Breaking Bad showed us what a bad idea that can be.)

A Brew of Stew

So let's talk about this Stewmaker. The guy disposes of victims by setting up a very Dexter-looking kill room, covering the walls in plastic and pretty much leaving no trace he was ever there. And he's also kind of a nudist? I don't know. The guy is just naked a lot. He also collects trophies from all of his victims and keeps an album of photos of his victims. All in all, the guy's seriously creepy, which makes him the perfect person next on Reddington's blacklist.

The FBI are able to track down the hotel room where the witness was disposed of, but are unable to find any form of evidence except for one small hair that isn't even human. (Did I mention the Stewmaker has a dog?) Reddington calls Keen and offers up his assistance in the case. He describes the Stewmaker as a true blacklister, who is behind the disappearance of hundreds of bodies throughout the years. He makes problems literally disappear and uses his own special chemical mix to dispose of the bodies (thus explaining the not-so-appetizing nickname).

The problem is this guy is almost impossible to find, but since Hector has used his services many times before, they try to convince him to give up the guy's name in exchange for a plea bargain. They even threaten to turn him over to Homeland Security for money laundering if he doesn't cooperate. But he declines the offer and says he'll take his chances with the people over at Homeland. (I hope he gets assigned Carrie Mathison. Crossover episode!)

But alas, it just isn't meant to be. Before Keen can turn Hector over to Homeland, the helicopter explodes right next to them, creating a huge distraction and a chance for Hector's cronies to help him escape ... and abduct Keen in the process.

Red to the Rescue

Now that Keen's been kidnapped, the FBI are doing all they can to track her down but have very little to go on. Reddington tells of his scheduled meeting with Hector to set him up with a new ID. He can go there and try to weasel the information out of him that way. Agent Ressler (who is definitely growing on me) says that he's going with him.

Sure enough, Reddington is able to get a name from Hector, which leads to the FBI discovering the Stewmaker's actual name: Stanley Cornish, a dentist with a wife and son. After speaking with his wife -- who, of course, had no idea about her husband's little hobby -- she mentions a cabin he likes to go to every weekend to fish (and by fish, she means dispose of dead bodies). But since it's out in the boonies with no labeled roads, it's impossible to know where to look.

Luckily, Reddington is all over it. He steals the dog hair found at the crime scene (because I guess it's cool for him to be allowed around crucial case evidence) and uses it to find Stanley's dog's animal tracking agency in order to gain access to the tracking chip -- because wherever the dog is, Stanley will surely be.

Keen, meanwhile, is doing her best to try and get in the head of her abductor. She even brings up his family, hoping that it will bring out some form of sympathy, but no dice. He begins the torture process and even gives her a paralysis sedative that will make her immobile, but still able to feel all the pain. She's able to get herself untied and makes a quick escape, but the sedative starts to take effect and he easily tracks her down, dragging her back inside.

Just as he's about to quite literally make stew out of her, Reddington shows up and knocks him out cold. I'm still not exactly sure what Reddington's relationship is to Keen, but I'll give him this, he certainly does care about her -- which means Stanley isn't getting out of this alive. With Keen still too paralyzed to stop it, Reddington dumps the Stewmaker's body into the stew of his own making. Poetic justice? I think so!

But there's more to this story than meets the eye. When the police show up and are busy attending to Keen, Reddington sneaks a peek at Stanley's album of victims, pulling out a photo of a young, blonde girl and keeping it for himself. He hands over the rest of the album to Keen, who is not happy with his murderous actions. She tells him he's just as bad as the Stewmaker, but he's okay with it since he was able to save her life. How ... sweet?

One Fine Weekend

In other news, before Keen's abducted, she got a quick look at the outside of the evidence box regarding her husband's mysterious past. She's unable to see much, but does catch a glance of a confidential file titled "Angle Station, June 23, 2012," but doesn't get a chance to see what's inside. Later on, her husband sees that she's written the date down on a notepad and he recalls it as the wonderful weekend they spent together in Boston. This immediately helps put her mind at rest since they were together the whole time except during his job interview, so perhaps he really is the man he claims to be.

Unfortunately, though, that doesn't seem to be the case. After her little abduction, Tom surprises her with another weekend trip to Boston as a way to relive the fun they'd once had. Keen is thrilled with the plan ... that is, until she gets a look at the brochure of the hotel they'd be staying at, called Angel Station. Coincidence? I think not.

So what did you think of this week's episode of The Blacklist? Who was that girl in the photo Reddington took from the Stewmaker's album? Is her disappearance the reason Reddington is the way he is? What is Tom's role in all of this? Is he a friend or foe? Take our poll below and feel free to sound off on your predictions in the comments below!

The Blacklist airs Monday nights at 10pm on NBC.

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