The Black Donnellys 1.3 "The World Will Break Your Heart" Recap
The Black Donnellys 1.3 "The World Will Break Your Heart" Recap
Originally aired Monday, March 12, 2007

Episode Rating:  2.5 out of 5 stars **1/2

Episode Overview: Huey and Sal are laid to rest in their respective communities.  Tommy holds Huey’s wake at the Firecracker and even though Huey’s wife Kate requested it, Dokey is suspicious of Tommy.  Jenny strays from her feelings for Tommy because she can’t stop thinking about Huey’s death.  Kevin and his girlfriend disrupt the wake.  Sean remains in the hospital.

Episode Highlights: Kevin and Joey Ice Cream steal some kosher wine.   Jimmy and his girlfriend crash Sal’s funeral in a drunken stupor.  Dokey uses Jenny as collateral to get Tommy to talk about Huey’s death.

Joey Ice Cream is again telling the story from jail.  Only this time he isn’t in interrogation, he’s just in his cell.  It’s starting to feel more and more like his role is a cheesy tool to create some sort of structure for the show.  Is his point-of-view and inserted narration during select scenes really necessary?  The story isn’t complicated enough to warrant a narrator. 

We see Jimmy drinking and then throwing up in the alley, where Dokey finds him. Jimmy was apparently mouthing off in a bar about him and his brothers killing someone and Dokey is suspicious. It doesn’t really amount to anything but Dokey spends the rest of the episode hunting for answers about Huey’s death.  Jimmy later asks Tommy for a gun to kill Dokey but of course Tommy won’t give him one.

So Jimmy heads off to his girlfriend to do some drugs instead.  This leads to them becoming highly intoxicated and causing a general uproar elsewhere.  They first crash Sal’s funeral, where Jimmy pees on a gravestone while the Italians look on.  Then they crash the wake at the Firecracker.  It’s the most enjoyable part of the whole episode, as the drama of it all starts to wear on you after a while.

Kevin and Joey Ice Cream troll through New York and steal a cab to pick up booze for the wake. It’s also an enjoyable little jaunt as they go to a restaurant in order to steal some booze and they can only find kosher wine. When they return the cab, someone jumps in to take a ride, so Kevin smashes his face in.  Of course, that is a natural reaction.  It’s strange how last week Kevin couldn’t dispose of a body and this week he is breaking bones left and right.

Kate Farrell, Hughie’s widow, asks Tommy to hold Huey’s wake at the Firecracker. Tommy stops by the diner to talk to Jenny about helping them out (since Jimmy ruined the food in the freezer) and she’s completely cold.  She says she’ll help him “for Huey’s family.”  I wonder if she had this many problems with Tommy’s ways before because she seems pretty uptight for someone who supposedly knows him so well.  I know he killed someone, but she is apparently as close to Tommy as one of his brothers and thus far they have stuck by him.  It also seems like too short of a romantic entanglement between the two of them. 

At the funeral, Tommy talks to Kate and her young son Mathew.  It’s all nice, despite the fact that Tommy killed her husband (she doesn’t know so I guess there is no harm done), until Dokey shows up. Dokey has a word with Tommy and tells him that he knows about Huey, but Tommy plays dumb.

Back in the pew, Tommy has a flashback to his own father’s funeral, where Huey helped them prepare.  Joey gives us voice over stating the obvious connection between this day and that day so long ago.  I get it already. Tommy is again reminded about Dokey’s suspicions during his speech at the funeral, which seems directed towards Tommy.  I get that also: Dokey is on a mission.

Jenny gets hit on while working in the diner and later flirts with the same guy at the funeral. Great. At the wake, Dokey talks to Jenny about the night Huey died.  Jenny lies for Tommy and Kevin, saying they were at the hospital the whole night. After rushing outside, Tommy follows and they have a short talk.  She says she can understand about avenging Sean but doesn’t understand why he had to kill Huey.  He tells her to trust him and stop asking about that night.  So she goes from being cold to being warm again and crying on Tommy and then telling him she has to “try something else.”  This girl needs to figure out her emotions before she does some serious damage to poor love-struck Tommy.

Dokey and his partner are in the basement of the Firecracker with Jenny and Dokey’s signature axe.  Dokey says he knows that Jimmy and Tommy killed Huey. Tommy tells Dokey that he’ll tell him what happened if Dokey lets Jenny go.  After Jenny leaves, Tommy tells Dokey (after some gun drama) that they needed Huey’s help with an Italian that they killed (Louie Downtown).  Dokey finds blood in the basement drain and so he believes Tommy’s story.  When they come out of the basement, Jenny is waiting.  Tommy apologizes but she walks away. Tommy tries to give a speech about Huey but notices Jenny walking away with another man and can barely keep his composure.

It’s a long episode that doesn’t really progress the story too much.  I’m wondering if they can move forward in time more quickly – maybe they can replace Joey Ice Cream with a more intense and faster storyline.

-Cameron Curtis, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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