Who Are You Voting For, America?
Who Are You Voting For, America?
Eleanor Bryan
Eleanor Bryan
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
So it's come to this. Olivia and Hannah are definitely finalists on The Biggest Loser. Jay and Irene, however, are the two that have to humbly beg us, the Americans who devote two hours of every Tuesday night, to vote for them to be included in the finale. They each have their merits. The only question is, who would you vote for?


Irene is great because she's the Biggest Loser out of everyone that's left, and that includes Olivia and Hannah. She's lost more weight in numbers and in percentages than all the girls. Also, she looks super fly in that orange dress the show bought her to wear back to Portland. Also, she's from Portland, which makes her pretty much cooler than anyone else, anyway. She's really chill and low-key.

I like how the emotional drama the show attempted to cook up for her was that "she built walls", which basically is code for, "she really doesn't have any major emotional drama, so we're trying to turn her awesome coolness into a problem." I would want to hang out with Irene in real life, even if Ken Paves did put way too much blonde into her hair. But then, that's not exactly her fault.

Another appeal of Irene is that she is young. She was able to catch her obesity disease at a young age, and so now she is grated the ability to start her life anew, and "start living," as NBC likes for the contestants to tearfully say. (Never mind that the really cute guy Irene kisses every time she comes home make it seem like she was already doing a pretty good job living before.) Irene has the appeal of a young life, saved before it can be ruined by obesity.


Jay is another one who would be a great pick to win the whole show, not just the lonely appeal. Frankly, I'm a little confused as to why the biggest guy, who's lost the most weight, and the girl who is the Biggest Loser on campus are the two at the bottom. The Purple team got up there by some crazy fluke, I think.

But, anyway, Jay is a big guy. He is muscular. He works hard. He's been votes off, come back, been in the bottom two, and been saved from elimination. He busts his butt every single week. Everyone knows he's injured, but he hobbled through last night's challenge as bravely as anyone could have.

He believes in finishing strong, and he's the perfect combination of sweetly supportive and a great contender. While Irene is chill, Jay cares fiercely about his family and children, and gets choked up talking about them. Where Irene is relaxed, Jay has heart. In addition to his knowledge of marketing and advertising, everyone knows that part of his success in winning last night's pop challenge was a lifetime of feeding his own finicky children, something none of the other contestants have knowledge of. Jay kind of reminds me of my dad, and I'll bet he reminds a lot of voters of their dads.

Jay also has the appeal of someone who is saving their lives in order to enjoy their life with their family. Jay has grown children he wants to stick around for, and many may feel that he has gained more back in this experience than the single, childless girls he is running up against.

So, who's it going to be? The cool girl who reminds you of your best friend, or the cuddly teddy bear who reminds you of dear old dad? Who are you all voting for?

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