'The Biggest Loser' Season 11: Meet the Contestants (Videos)
The new season of The Biggest Loser Couples premieres tonight, so here are some videos to help you get to know the contestants! It can be difficult to keep track of everyone in the first episode, so this will be a good refresher (and preview before we meet them for real tonight!) Oh, and there's a new color! It looks like the latest in working out is whipping giant ropes up and down (watch for it!)

The Orange Team: Ana and Irene (Mother and Daughter)
This team is reminiscent of Season 9's Migdalia and Miggy, but with much better attitudes. They seem to have the competitive drive to take them through. You go, ladies!

The Purple Team: Olivia and Hannah (Sisters)
Both sisters (one of whom is an opera singer!) struggle with fertility problems caused by obesity. They're sure to be a touching, but fun team.

The Brown Team: Ken and Austin (Father and Son)
Austin reminds me a lot of Darris and Matt with his big curly hair, so that bodes well. Also, judging by this preview, they took a gamble and went with the two new trainers--a gamble I see paying off.

The Grey Team: Moses and Kaylee (Father and Daughter)
The Tongans are back! They've proved to be stiff competition in the past and this grey team looks like no exception. Plus, I am so easily won by a sweet father-daughter team.

The Blue Team: Arthur and Jesse (Father and Son)
Arthur is one to watch because he is the biggest contestant this season, and in Biggest Loser history. Arthur weighed well over 600 pounds and had to lose weight just to compete with his father on the show. He was like, TLC-special-overweight. Nothing will motivate you to hit the gym like the blue team.

The Pink Team: Denise and Sarah (Mother and Daughter)
Like pink teams of the past, these two are bubbly and motivated. Sarah is also struggling with fertility issues, and I foresee Jillian having a breakthrough with Denise about being a mother and making excuses.

The Aqua (!) Team: Courtney and Marci (Daughter and Mother)
Courtney and Marci will definitely be a team to watch because Courtney, if you may recall, works at a Dairy Queen, and Marci owns a health club. They claim to be the strongest women of the season, and I believe it.

The Green Team: Jennifer and Jay (Daughter and Father)
You can tell Jillian loves this team, and calling them "Jersey." They plan on being the "sneak attack" team.

The Black Team: Dan and Don (Identical Twins)
Check out how they even talk in unison. Unlike the last identical twins on the show, they don't weigh within a pound of each other, but they do have the same glasses and mustaches. Also, they're police officers, which makes me hope they may have pulled the ol' switcheroo on some criminals.

The Red Team: Jaquin and Larialmy (Husband and Wife)
This team has a very realistic assessment of the situation and how dangerous obesity is. I see them encouraging each other and fighting hard through the competition.

The Yellow Team: Rulon and Justin (Best Friends)
There's already been quite a bit of buzz surrounding Rulon, an Olympic Gold Medalist in wrestling. I hope Justin gets some airtime, too. Either way, the yellow team is a force to be reckoned with.

Well, one of these teams has to go home first and I don't want it to be anyone! I'm pretty sure I like everyone. I can't wait to see how this season plays out!

(image courtesy of NBC)