'The Biggest Loser' Recap: An Eliminated Player Returns
'The Biggest Loser' Recap: An Eliminated Player Returns
Eva Des Lauriers
Eva Des Lauriers
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
After a three week break, The Biggest Loser is back with a two-hour return! An eliminated player returns to the ranch, contestants compete in the most brutal challenge yet and the yellow line is back.

They're Back

We start with an inspirational montage and recap of the season thus far.  Every eliminated player, including the recently eliminated Matt and Hap, has a chance to win a spot back on the ranch. They have all returned to the ranch and will weigh in. The eliminated player with the largest percentage of weight loss since the beginning of the season will be back on the show. Right off the bat, Hap is below Matt and is definitely eliminated.

While every eliminated player has lost weight, some definitely seem fitter than others. The remaining contestants weigh in and the contestant who has lost the largest percentage of weight loss since the start of the season and returning to the ranch is Bobby. Matt is officially eliminated now as well.

It is a bit underwhelming having Matt and Hap go home now, after three weeks of suspense and thinking they may still be on the ranch. I feel like they didn't get a proper send-off.

Heart to Hearts

Bob sits Bobby down to talk about life outside the ranch. They have had a connection since the beginning and Bob encouraged him to come out to his dad, which he did when he went home. Bob is proud of him and ready to make him work.

Jillian motivates Tanya by pointing out that she needs to believe in herself and not focus on getting praise. 

Bob has a sit-down with David to help him move from talking about the trauma of his first wife who passed away to getting him focused on the positives in his life, including his current wife. I agree with Bob since I never quite realized that David is married because there has been such a focus on him as a widower. David admits that his current wife has been a blessing in his life and Bob encourages him to talk about this with his wife. 

David does this by talking to his wife about his emotional revelations and grief over Skype. It feels like a very personal conversation to witness, but hey, that is why we watch reality television, right?

Jillian sits down with Marie, who doesn't get a lot of air time, and they discuss strategy because Marie admits for the first time she wants to not only get health but win The Biggest Loser. This will prove very interesting for her as the season progresses.

The Workouts

The game begins now that the yellow line is back. We start to see where all of the contestants began, how big and unhappy they were at the start of the season and how far they have come now. They are each getting stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. It is amazing to witness their transformations.

The Challenge

At the beach, the contestants have to carry five-pound kettle bells up a huge sand dune. The first person to get 10 kettle bells to the top wins and receives $25,000 worth of home gym equipment. The player who comes in last will have a one-pound disadvantage at the weigh-in this week. There is also a golden kettle bell that's buried that counts for five, which will be a big advantage in the game.

The sand dune looks horrendous. This is one of the more brutal challenges of the season, for sure. Marie finds the golden kettle bell, but it is not enough to win. As in every challenge, Rachel and Jay are neck and neck again. Jay ends up winning the gym equipment. Now it is a race for second to last place between Tanya and Bobby. Tanya ultimately comes in last and is penalized with the one pound. That will prove to shake things up at the weigh-in. 

Inspiring Moments with Guest Stars

Abby from season 8 has one of the most powerful and heartbreaking stories of any contestant on The Biggest Loser in the past 15 seasons. I loved how hopeful and motivated she was then, and Bob has brought her back to talk with the contestants. She inspires the them to work through their own issues and choose a joyous life. 

NASCAR driver Carl Edwards leads a workout with the contestants at the race track. This seems pretty random until I notice that he is a Subway-sponsored driver and it all makes sense. 

Last Chance Workout

The trainers use the threat of the yellow line to motivate the contestants. Each contestant feels the pressure of the first-ever season vote and work harder than they ever have before. They all have taste for the finale and want to get there, so the competition will certainly heat up.

The Weigh-In

The weigh-in numbers get smaller and smaller this late in the season once the contestants start to hit their goal weights. David loses another huge 12, Jay has no more weight to really lose and Rachel is one pound away from losing 100 pounds. Jillian compares Rachel to the contestants I have compared her to all season (Dani and Tara) and I am proud to be on the same wavelength as Jillian Michaels. 

The two who fall below the yellow line are Tanya and Tumi. I did not expect Tumi to be below the yellow line, so I'm sad for her. She's been so impressive all season! She's the bigger threat, so I think she'll get eliminated.

The Elimination

Everyone votes against who would be the biggest threat and Tumi is eliminated. Boo.

The remaining contestants learn that they are going to be training at the Olympic training site in Park City, Utah, next week. I have been watching this show so long, I remember the last time they sent contestants there. It should be a good time!

The Biggest Loser airs Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC.

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