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The Biggest Loser season 7 starts off with a bang. Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels are trading off telling us how important it is that America's obesity problem gets addressed. Evidently 300,000 people die from obesity every year. The musical swells; Bob and Jillian tell us how we can make a change. Good thing I wasn't eating ice cream while watching this. That would be almost as bad as the time I was eating McDonald's while watching Super Size Me. Not important. The season 5 preview begins.

This season, we have the oldest couple to ever appear, the biggest woman, the youngest man, and the unhealthiest group of people to date. Former models, a recovering alcoholic, an engaged couple and finally, the largest contestant thus far, 19 year-old Daniel.

All 11 couples are gathered in a hotel in Hollywood, when Alison Sweeney comes in to tell them they've all made it onto The Biggest Loser. The first couple to be introduced is the best friend pairing of Joelle, 41, and Carla, 36, whose slogan is “we're not out to destroy you, just to eliminate you.” Next we have Sione, 29, and Filipe, 27, who are cousins from the island of Tonga. The orange team is comprised of best friends David, 23, and Daniel, 19, who is the largest contestant in Biggest Loser history. The white team, otherwise known as the oldest team to date, consists of Estella, 63, and Jerry, 63. Dane and Blaine, both 28, are cousins and both fathers of three. Shannon, 29, and her mother Helen, 48 are representing pink this year. Ron, 54, and the youngest player Mike, 18 are on the brown team.

The teams triumphantly enter the gym where Alison is there waiting for them. She announces that they will be starting their very first work out. And there's no way to test what they're made of then to have them all (drum roll please) do it themselves. For a second I thought they'd all be running on the treadmills in separate rooms, but really, they will just be doing their first workout sans Bob and Jillian. Of course, our two favorite trainers are watching from a camera feed in a separate room because, as Bob says, it's the perfect way to get to know the contestants. They both cringe as Carla, the biggest girl to ever be on the show, tries to work the parallel bars. Jillian then says that this is the first time that she's ever looked at all the contestants and thought, “wow, these guys are really big.”

Finally, Bob and Jillian burst into the training room and the contestants erupt with excitement. Everyone was too excited to notice that 63 year-old Jerry had started to wander away. Then in the most painfully slow manner, Jerry starts to faint. He turns white, then ashen, and then slowly starts to fall over. Bob said that seeing him faint was one of the scariest things he's ever seen in the Biggest Loser house. As Jerry recovers, the contestants around him start crying. Cathy then says in an interview, “When Jerry fell, that's the moment I thought to myself ‘we're all sick.'” The ambulance then takes a now fully conscious Jerry away, leaving his wife Estella to finish out the day's competition. Bob and Jillian then, so delicately, tell the contestants that they are looking at their futures if they don't change their ways.

Team picking time! Bob and Jillian will pick one team a piece. Then that team will pick the next team and so on and so forth. Daniel then tells us that no one wants to be the fat kid that's picked last in gym class, even though he realizes they are all a bunch of fat kids in a fat gym class. Quality. Jillian picks Estella first, which is touching really considering Jerry barely made it through the first day. Joelle and Carla are first to be picked by Bob. Kristin and her mother Cathy of the purple team are picked last, but their surprise is that they get to pick who they want to train with and (of course) they pick Bob. Here's a line up of the teams and their weights.

Team Jillian
Estella, 242 lbs, and Jerry, not present (White)
Dane, 412 lbs, and Blaine, 365 lbs = 777 lbs (Black)
Laura, 285 lbs, and Tara, 294 lbs = 579 lbs (Green)
Daniel, 454 lbs, and David, 393 lbs = 847 lbs (Orange)
Mandi, 263 lbs, and Aubrey, 249 lbs = 512 lbs (Yellow)

Team Bob
Joelle, 309 lbs, and Carla, 379 lbs = 688 lbs (Silver)
Sione, 364 lbs, and Filipe, 372 lbs = 736 lbs  (Blue)
Nicole, 269 lbs, and Damien, 381 lbs = 650 lbs (Red)
Helen, 257 lbs, and Shannon, 283 lbs = 540 lbs (Pink)
Mike, 388 lbs, and Ron, 430 lbs = 818 lbs (Brown)
Cathy, 293 lbs, and Kristin, 360 lbs = 653 lbs (Purple)

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