'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Review: One Pound Makes All The Difference
At the very least, this week's The Biggest Loser: Couples was peppered with tension, tension, and lots of tension. Then again, we should've seen it coming--it's teacher/student week. We never always got along with our teachers, didn't we?

Anyway. One member of each team gets named as the teacher, and will be the only person who'll get to train with Bob and Jillian. The teacher's responsibility is to pass everything he learned to the student. The student's responsibility is to represent the team at the weigh-in, and like with other episodes where only one contestant represents the whole bunch, this could mean the bottom of the yellow line.

The contestants, however, don't get to choose who does what--that's where this season's first Temptation comes in. It's quite simple, really: eat M&Ms. Too simple, perhaps, considering that only two teams took it on. Maria took a piece but Michael wouldn't. Ashley and Sherry ate one each, and eventually earned the power to choose the teachers and students. John and Stephanie were merged as one team for this week, so Stephanie became the teacher. Andrea, Cheryl, Melissa, Michael, Migdalia, Sam and Sherry also took on the role.

The set-up proves to be tricky, but in a way, it somehow worked. Bob and Jillian trained their sights on Migdalia, who was all stuck up and seemed absolutely cynical over things. Pent-up emotions? Perhaps, Jillian figured, but she can't get Migdalia to budge. They just end up fighting, with Migdalia on the verge of walking out of the ranch--she was threatening that! Miggy's intervention somehow does the trick, but she leaves Bob with a slight zing: they weren't at the ranch to have their personalities changed. Good point, from both sides, actually.

After visiting the docs and Chef Curtis, who tell us about the wonders of caramelizing food, it's on for a pretty fun challenge. One member from each team brings a thousand feet of ribbon into a playground, so it's expected that everything will tie, twist and twirl up with the slides, the rails and the other ribbons. The other member of the team would then choose which ribbon they would unravel.

Some teams made their ribbons very hard to pull out--everybody was hoping they don't get left with the white team's ribbon--but Allison pulled off a surprise: each team will be in charge of their own mess! Students have to unravel their own ribbons blindfolded, but assisted by the teachers. In the end, it was a close battle between Lance and Melissa, and Sam and Koli, but the gray team eventually won immunity, and the power to switch one team around during the weigh-in.

Last-chance workout was fun--there were some Bob and Jillian impressions coming around. Michael looked like he was having too much fun with them, in fact, that Sam and Koli were getting annoyed at him not taking the whole thing seriously. They taught him a lesson at weigh-in by switching the white team around, which means Michael's weight loss will count rather than Maria's.

But that wasn't the source of tonight's drama--it was Melissa. Last week she gained a pound, remember? This week she lost that pound, and nothing more. With such erratic loss patterns Bob and Jillian couldn't help but think she's throwing the weigh-in, an accusation that Melissa didn't take easily. It resulted in a very painful shouting match, which led to frustrated trainers (especially Bob, who accused Melissa of lying) and a quiet Lance.

Cheryl and Daris were worried that they'd fall below the yellow line, but they were saved by the white team's dismal performance. Michael lost 10 pounds, but considering he's the heaviest contestant the loss percentage fell below the line. Thus, either Michael and Maria will be eliminated. Consider this: Michael did lose a lot more weight, but he wasn't around to help his mother--teacher fail? Looks like Sam and Koli were right.

But the rest of the contestants thought Michael needed more time at the ranch, and apart from a dissenting vote from John and Stephanie (who voted as one team), everybody sent Maria home. Not to worry, though: she's doing much better, having lost 70 pounds or so. And she's also gotten past her fear of water by taking swimming lessons!

Next week, it's still the trainers versus Melissa. I smell a climax coming on. But first, the scoreboard:

Black team: Andrea at 272 pounds (-7), Darrell at 361 pounds (-8)
Brown team: John at 437 pounds (-14)
Gray team: Koli at 353 pounds (-13), Sam at 334 pounds (-11) (immunity)
Green team: Migdalia at 237 pounds (-8), Miggy at 212 pounds (-7)
Orange team: Cheryl at 203 pounds (-7), Daris at 301 pounds (-9)
Pink team: Ashley at 333 pounds (-12), Sherry at 190 pounds (-6)
Purple team: Stephanie at 236 pounds (-7)
Red team: Lance at 324 pounds (-12), Melissa at 214 pounds (-1)
White team: Maria at 254 pounds (-4) (eliminated), Michael at 471 pounds (-10)

(Image courtesy of NBC)