'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Our Official Vote for Ron Campaign
That's right, I'll just say it, I think you should vote for Ron. Last night, Helen and Tara became the first official members of the final three for the seventh season of The Biggest Loser. Ron and Mike of the brown team both fell below the yellow line. Now, America has to vote for the third finalist. Will it be Ron or his son, the youngest player in Biggest Loser history, Mike?

To be fair and balanced, here are both phone numbers:
Ron: 1-866-613-0001
Mike: 1-866-613-0002

Now let's get into the gritty details. There are two main reasons I hope Ron is in the finals. First, Ron would be Bob Harper's only player in the finals. Jillian Michaels annihilated Bob Harper this year. Both Mike and Helen worked with Bob at one point, but both Mike and Helen chose Jillian in the end. I know that Ron could never win this competition. He has one good arm and one good leg and he just cannot lose weight as fast as Helen or Tara. Even so, I think it'd be sad for Bob to be completely left out of the finals. Either way, I hope the at home winner was one of his players.

The second reason you should vote for Ron is that he's never going to beat Helen or Tara. So if you want either Helen or Tara to win, Ron's your man. As a huge Tara fan, I know that Ron's the safest bet. You may call me mean or cold-hearted but this is exactly what Ron and Mike did to Kristin and what Helen and Tara did to Filipe. It's how you play the game. As a finalist, you want weaker people competing against you. Tara is the strongest player of the game. She's won so many competitions and she's never been below the yellow line. There are tons of reasons why Tara Costa should win.

Mike is the stronger player. Mike has a chance to win. Mike might've worked hard, but so did Kristin, Filipe, Sione, and all the others. Ron played an underhanded game to get his son to the finals. Voting for Mike only reinforces Ron's standing as The Godfather of the game.

I'm sorry if you like Mike, I'm just being honest. I'm team Bob Harper and team Tara all the way.

What do you think? Who are you voting for? Who do you want to win? Be sure to check who made our "Scarier Than Swine Flu" list below.

-Kim Wetter, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image Courtesy of NBC)