'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Episode 7.17 Recap (Page 1/2)
Last week on The Biggest Loser, Kristin and Helen fell below the yellow line. Although Ron promised Kristin that he'd do everything he could to keep her on the ranch, he actually went behind closed doors to tell his son, Mike, to vote Kristin off. In the elimination room, Kristin knew she'd been betrayed and Mike got cocky and told Allison Sweeney he thinks he's already won the game.

This week, The Biggest Loser picks right back up after the elimination. Mike hugs Helen and Tara tells her how happy she is that Helen's still on the ranch. Helen thanks the whole room for keeping her for one more week. Mike and Ron leave the room because Mike says he has stuff to do. Filipe tells us that he likes to play dumb but he knows he's the biggest threat to Mike. Ron and Mike go to their room and Ron congratulates Mike on making it into the finale. Mike tells us that his dad is masterful at the game. While Ron's playing chess, everyone else is playing checkers.

Filipe is taking Kristin's departure pretty badly. He says he can't trust anyone else in the house. Filipe thinks he's now the person with the biggest target on his back. Bob comes in to see his team. Bob's fairly upset. Ron tries to explain what happened and Bob calls Ron out for playing the game behind the scenes. Ron lies to Bob and tells him he didn't tell Mike to vote for Kristin. Bob Harper is angry. He knows he's being lied to and doesn't like it.

Allison Sweeney meets the contestants in the gym to show them a video of their first week on the ranch. Tara notes she wasn't actually doing anything in the gym. Filipe laughs at himself. Helen thinks her hair looks horrible. Mike laughs about how big their circumferences combined were when they first arrived. Ron tells us it hurts him to watch Mike the first week. Allison Sweeney informs them that this is their last week on The Biggest Loser campus.

Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper get the contestants to recreate the exercises they did the first week. The differences in their workouts are incredible. Jillian messes up Helen's hair so she looks like how she did the first week.

Back at the house, Helen and Tara have a heartfelt conversation about going home. Helen says she'll never let this happen to her again. Tara tells Helen that she used to buy clothes she knew wouldn't fit her because she always hoped she'd fit into them eventually. After 17 weeks on The Biggest Loser, her little black dress finally fits. Helen reveals that she brought some skinny jeans hoping she'd fit into them eventually. She fits into them with ease. Evidently, the jeans are a size eight. When they go reveal the outfits, Mike runs to get his "goal jacket." Ron notes how confident Mike is in his goal outfit.

The contestants go to meet with Dr. Huizenga to see how far they've come over the last 17 weeks. He tells Helen that she's lost 106 pounds of hydrated fat and then he shows her a picture of her stomach. Her biological age has gone from 60 to 50. Dr. Huizenga meets with Tara next and shows her pictures of her stomach then and now. The doctor meets with Filipe and him he lost 15 inches on his waist. Mike is 54% smaller. The doctors show Ron how much fat he's lost internally. The fat surrounding his heart is almost completely gone.

Allison Sweeny meets the contestants in a huge sand and rock quarry. She tells them that they're going to run over 16 sandhills to show how far they've come in the competition (in the first week, the ran over one). At each hill, they drop the weight that they lost that week. The winner of the challenge wins $10,000 or a 1-pound advantage at this week's weigh-in. The person who comes in second will get whichever prize the winner doesn't take.

Filipe starts out in the lead. Tara has some difficulties lifting the bag about the hill. Mike catches up to Filipe by hill two but falls a bit behind on hill three. Tara, Mike and Filipe reach hill seven at almost the same time but Mike pulls out front. When Tara overtakes Filipe, he tells her you can do it and encourages her onward.  Tara takes over the lead at hill nine. She throws her old weight bag over the cliff and wins the challenge. She then starts crying with joy because she finally believes in herself. Mike comes in second place. Filipe and then Helen finish. Helen starts crying too because she's just happy to get rid of the weight all over again and move on with her life. At week six, Mike comes back to help Ron finish the weight. Filipe also walks back to help Ron finish.

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