'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Episode 7.05 Recap (Page 1/3)
The couples are back on the ranch. Laura, Shannon, Sione, Cathy, Carla, and Aubrey are back with their teammates. We'll finally get to see exactly how much they lost at home. Bob warns his team that the competition is getting tough. Jillian blames Daniel and David's elimination on Bob because he always encourages his team to never vote off any other members of his team. Aubrey is already crying because she's so concerned she didn't do enough. Jillian tells her to calm down because it'll all show up at the weigh in.

It's a big one because the winner of this weigh in will win immunity for their team this week.

Team Blue, Sione (and Filipe), -25 pounds total 7.16%
Team Pink, Shanon (and Helen), -15 pounds total 5.56%
Team Silver, Carla (and Joelle), -20 pounds total 5.43%
Team Purple, Cathy (and Kristin), -8 pounds total 2.85%
Tream Green, Laura (and Tara), -7 pounds total 2.57%
Team Yellow, Aubrey (and Mandi), -2 pounds total 0.85%

The blue team wins immunity. Laura complained and Tara put her in her place. Shannon, who was the first to weigh in, cried about her weight loss even though she came in second place in the end. Mandi tried to claim her 2 pound weight loss was due to the fact that she gained muscle and Jillian had to put her in her place. Overall, it was an extremely dramatic weigh in.

It's workout time and you can tell who's ready to buckle down. Tara's concerned about Laura and Jillian has to tell her that there will be no more crying. Sione is clearly killing it. He's stronger and faster than Filipe. Back on Jillian's side, she confronts Aubrey about her weight loss. She claims that was in the gym four to five hours a day, which clearly can't be true. Jillian tells her that besides calorie and exercise, she needs to learn to ask for help. Back on Bob's side, he's pushing the Silver Team. Carla knows she has her head in the game way more than Joelle.

Challenge time! The partners will be tied to a rope and they have to unravel themselves from this pipe enough to make it across the finish line. The winner can take $5000 in cash or a 2-pound advantage a piece. Joelle, obviously wants the money and Carla is not happy about her initial reaction. It once again proves her head isn't in the game.

The black team and the green team are the first to realize that their ropes are getting tangled. At about a third of the way through, all the teams are slowing down. The pain of crossing over the bar is starting to become a problem. Tara and Laura decide to undo their rop and go for it first. Black, Blue, and Yellow follow. Yellow and Blue are in a neck and neck race but right before they get there, the Yellow Team starts to run out of rope but they pull themselves across in order to take the win. They have until the weigh in to decide whether or not they want the money or the two pound advantage.

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