Reality Check: Donkeys, Devils, and Dummies
This past week, one of my favorite reality shows returned, The Amazing Race.  Right off the bat, they gave us teams to love and teams to hate, and I've already chosen sides.  On The Bachelor, Brad decided to withhold a rose from Bettina, sending her back to D.C., while moving forward with Jenni and DeAnna.  My money was on Jenni, but I've jumped ship to DeAnna now.  On The Biggest Loser, Neil honestly cannot seem to make it one week without making me angry.  I don't think I've ever rooted against a Biggest Loser contestant but there's a first time for everything. 

On Wednesday's episode of America's Next Top Model, Tyra got rid of Sarah, saying she was not thin enough or heavy enough to make it in the modeling world.  Then why did you cast her on the show?  The poker player with the bad strategy went home this week on Survivor: China and one can only wonder why someone didn't tell him BEFORE the game started what a stupid strategy it was!  In any case, here's a look back at the more memorable moments this week in reality.

The Amazing Race: The Donkey Hears My Psychic Plea

From the minute Ari and Staella showed up on my screen, I was ready for them to go home.  There are very few rude teams that I will root for (minus Rob and Amber) in The Amazing Race.  They started playing the game dirty from the minute Phil said go, quickly stealing a taxi in an airport from Ronald and Christina.  Throughout the episode, I prayed, "Please don't let them advance."  Then, a donkey in Ireland decided to answer that prayer and refuse to budge when the duo needed him to.  The episode quickly turned amusing as Ari and Staella screamed, whined, and tried to push that donkey to the finish line.  The only thing that would've made it better is if that animal gave them both a swift kick to the face.

The Biggest Loser: Neil Will Sell Anybody Up The River To Win

I'd like to think of The Biggest Loser as the feel good reality show.  It's got one of the best payoffs at the end, as we get to see the transformed contestants after months of diet and exercise.  It WAS a feel good reality show, until Neil Tejwani entered the game this season.  There have been contestants who have intentionally gained weight before in order to hold onto a little control in the game yet none so brash as Neil, who gained a whopping 17 pounds to get rid of Jez.  He then lost 33 pounds, keeping him safe.  This week, he wrote down his friend Ryan's name in elimination, and was the one to send him home.  In his interview with BuddyTV, Ryan said that he knew Neil would write his name down but isn't there something to be said for loyalty?  If Neil wanted to play a win at all costs game, he should have considered Survivor.  Hey, he still would have lost weight!

Survivor China: Jean-Robert Wins The Award For Worst Strategy

Okay, so in what world did Jean-Robert think that going into the game INTENDING to be disliked was a good idea?  I guess I can understand that strategy in a different game, like poker, for example.  On Survivor, though, you have a very limited amount of time to make an impression and form relationships with people.  Why would you possibly waste part or all of that time being disliked?  Jean-Robert's strategy only pushed him away from people and left him in the dark for most of his time in China.  He walked around camp in the last episode, throwing out ideas and strategies that other players worked out days earlier.  When the tribe had a chance to eliminate the strongest physical player sitting on two immunity idols, they opted for Jean-Robert instead.  What does that tell you?  On a side note, the tribe members just made a huge mistake.  They'll regret that later.

So there's your week in reality. Check back next week as we examine more best and worst moments. Is there anything we missed? Post your favorite reality moments here or let us know who you would just to see get eliminated!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of CBS)