Opposing Teams Go Head To Head On 'Biggest Loser'
Opposing Teams Go Head To Head On 'Biggest Loser'
Eleanor Bryan
Eleanor Bryan
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We've known since the beginning that this day would come. For four weeks, our contestants have been split into two separate teams. We've been taunted with secret locations, shadowy trainers, and mere glimpses at what's going on with the contestants we met so many Tuesday nights ago. But this week, The Biggest Loser is going to see all the contestants together at the Ranch. Bye bye, Fitness Ridge.

Before we can get all the contestants together for a good old time on the treadmill, however, we have to pick up where we left off last week. At Fitness Ridge, Brett and Cara are frantically working out the Unknowns. They split their team up into two groups and work them out separately. They remind everyone, as if they could have forgotten, that they have their first-ever elimination coming up soon.

Drama With Q
Q is bored by the workout. His group is doing some sparring, and he feels as if he is not "getting his burn on" enough. He goes over to the other group and starts shadow boxing. Cara is insulted by this and brings the whole team over to yell at him for abandoning the workout he was assigned. Rulon, especially, gets very into the scolding. We all know how much Rulon likes to scold. "It's not about you!" yells Rulon, to which Q points out that it is, actually, all about him. He tells everyone that he needs to do everything he can to "get his burn on" and lose weight. He uses that term a great deal, in order to make his point. He admits that he doesn't care about the team as a whole. When you are talking to a group of people that like to chant, "Family!" at every chance they get, these are fighting words.

Bending Over Backwards
Back at the Ranch, Bob has half the team on a circuit for their Last Chance Workout and Jillian has the other half inside on machines. She is focusing on Hannah, the former athlete. Jillian's goal is to get inside Hannah's head and prove to her just how strong she actually is. She puts Hannah into a painful-looking backbend that has both Hannah and Olivia in tears by the time she is done with it. Since the back injury that ruined her college athletic career nearly twelve years ago, Hannah tells us, she has not done a back bend like that. This is a huge turning point for Hannah and everyone is jubilant.

Weigh-In Number One
And, just like that, we already have a weigh-in! Last week's cropped episode is throwing me off, but there's Alison, standing by the scales and wearing something with pinstripes and sequins, so I know I'm where I'm supposed to be.

Jen and Jay come in and join the Ranch team for the first time in a week, and everyone is so excited to see them. It's very sweet. Everyone probes them for information about the Unknowns, but all they do is say that it is "different." Lame, you guys.

Jen and Jay are up first. They lose a combined fifteen pounds and start the weigh-in off with a healthy 2.53%.

Next is the Blue team, who lose twelve pounds. Only three of those pounds are Jesse's, and he looks visibly crushed. Poor Jesse. Arthur tries to make him feel better, but 1.65% doesn't do much to cheer his dad up.

Aqua is up next. Courtney loses an amazing ten pounds and Marci loses three for a total of 2.58%. Courtney is, apparently, unstoppable. I love it.

The Purple team loses five and three pounds, for 1.77%. Hannah tells everyone that she feels as if the back bend Jillian had her do really helped her break through some mental barriers, and even Jillian cries. I am flabbergasted.  Why isn't she yelling? Why is there water coming out of her face? Someone please explain.

Next up are Irene and Don, who, as the two single competitors, have been linked together for the week. They each gain six pounds. Everyone is floored. However, unlike last time, they admit right away to having thrown the week to protect the team.  Watch the weigh-in here:

Elimination Number One
Surprisingly, Bob does not appear to be angry. It's hard to tell how Jillian feels because I think the camera was too afraid to show her face. Bob tells Don that, obviously, the Ranch is not for everybody. He thinks that Don would have an adverse effect if he were to stay.

Don admits that he dearly wants to go home, and says that he would rather sacrifice himself than stay and have someone more deserving go home. Alison doesn't even give the team time to deliberate, and they all unanimously vote to send Don home. He tells everyone how close they have become to him and makes a point of telling Irene how much he appreciates her sacrifice. I personally think that he left in the most gallant way possible.

Head To Head?
Today is the day the Unknowns come back to the Ranch gym! OMG, you guys!  

When the Unknowns walk into the gym and Alison reintroduces everyone, it tickles me to see how flabbergasted the Ranch contestants are. "They all look so different!" they whisper. It's funny how they can see the dramatic differences in the others, but not in themselves. Jesse, always the sweetheart, tells all the Unknowns how great they look.  See how the Unknows settle into the Ranch, and the sweet surprise they get, here:

Alison introduces a challenge. She tells the Ranch team that, if they can beat their accumulated weight loss from the week before, they will all get immunity for the week. The Unknowns have apparently been spoiled for too long and are offered no such deal.

Bob and Jillian haven't arrived at the gym yet, so we just watch Cara and Brett work their team out for a while. This is kind of weird because the Ranch team is just chilling on the ellipticals, watching and judging and not being worked out themselves.

Rulon does a neat sprint on a treadmill and Arthur is in awe. It looks like he might have a slight man crush. "That man runs like a gazelle!" he says. Rulon breaks two treadmills and laughs manically in a way that I have never seen a gazelle do before.

Challenge Time!
Alison introduces another challenge. Since the Ranch team already has a challenge this week, this challenge is only being extended to the Unknowns, which makes Rulon angry because he wanted a competition, goshdarnit! Each team has a scale and an assortment of weights. It's a variation of a Biggest Loser challenge we've seen a million times. Everyone scurries around to pile weights on their teammates' scales and when a scale reaches 500 pounds, that team is out. The last team standing wins immunity.

Right off the bat, everyone gangs up on Red, who gets out first. This makes Q angry and he tells the camera that the Unknown's notion of "family" is a load of crap. Brown gets out second. Gray helps Yellow to get Pink out. Now it is just Yellow versus Gray. Gray has a significant head start, but there is a snag in their presumably easy victory. While Gray has a lead, Yellow has been saving up their heaviest weights. Gray already used up their heaviest weights, so they have to run back and forth many times with five or ten pound weights, while Yellow uses thirty-five or twenty pound weights and catches up very quickly. At the very last second, Yellow pulls ahead and gets Gray out. Yellow wins and has immunity for the week.

You would think he would be excited, but Rulon starts crying almost immediately because he feels so guilty for stealing immunity from of his family of teammates. Everyone comforts him and then they all do their, "ONE, TWO, THREE...FAMILY!" cheer in a way that is reminiscent of a high school football team. I cannot decide if I love or hate the corniness of this.

Weigh-In Number Two
A little more than halfway through the show, we are already at the weigh-in. However, we have twice as many people to weigh.  Be prepared for lots of beeping, folks. Alison is wearing beaded epaulettes. Let's get this show on the road.

Irene is first. She has a lot to make up for, considering she gained six pounds last week, but she loses eight additional pounds on top of that.

Green is up next. They contribute a combined fourteen pounds to the forty-nine the team needs to lose this week.

Purple contributes eleven pounds, and Aqua contributes fifteen. Marci's goal for next week is to be in "One-derland," which is what they call it when you hit the one hundreds. Cute.

Blue is up last. So far, the team has lost forty-eight pounds. Blue needs to lose ONE pound to win it for their team this week, and they are nervous. Nervous! Say what? Arthur explains that the last team to be weighed in the past two weeks gained weight, but is he failing to see that both those teams threw the week?

Blue loses fifteen pounds and they are thrilled. Everyone has immunity! Cue the group hug.

The Unknowns Weigh In
Now, we have the Unknowns first official weigh-in. They look a whole lot less happy as a whole than the Ranch team does.

Yellow has immunity but they're still committed to putting up a big number. They lose thirty-three pounds. This week busts Justin and Rulon through the three- and four-hundreds, respectively.

The Red team is next. Their weigh-in is especially dramatic because of all the drama with Q this week. They lose twenty-four pounds, thirteen of which are Q's. This makes him happy because he feels as if he is proving everyone wrong. They are at 3.59%.

Brown loses thirty pounds. Courtney, on the sidelines, is intimidated. They are at 4.43%.

Gray loses twenty-three pounds total. Kaylee is officially in One-derland and she is so excited! It's adorable. Moses tells her how proud he is of her, and that he knows her mom is proud of her, too. They are at 4.04%.

The Pink team is the last team to weigh in. As the only pair of girls on their team, they are nervous that they won't be able to pull numbers that are big enough to beat the Red team and keep them from going home. They have to lose over sixteen pounds to beat them. However, they lose twenty pounds for an incredible 4.42%!

Elimination Number Two
The Red team announces that they have agreed that Larialmy will go home because Q is unable to continue to lose weight at home. The Unknowns, however, do not like this idea. From the way they talk, everyone would rather send Q home because they feel as if he does not put in as much effort as Larialmy does. Justin tells Q, with violins playing dramatically in the background, that he would only even think about letting Q stay if he will swear to Larialmy, in front of everyone, that he will not be cheating her out of an experience from which she could have benefitted. Q swears to Larialmy that he will work his hardest to not let her down, but the team is not convinced. 

Sara asks Larialmy what she would do if they didn't honor her wishes and kept her instead of her husband. Larialmy looks a little shocked that her explicit wishes would be ignored, and calmly says that if her weight-loss "family" loves her the way they say they do, they will not disrespect her by disregarding her wishes.

Everyone seems confused what to do, because Larialmy's wishes run so opposite of what they had originally planned. However, ultimately everyone agrees to respect Larialmy and Q's choice. Larialmy is sent home.  Watch the elimination here:

At-Home Results!
Larialmy is proud to have fallen back in love with herself again, and boy does it show! She now weighs 227 and has lost 74 pounds! Her ultimate goal is to be a runner, and she works out with her sisters. Her family is overweight, and she enjoys helping them with the knowledge that The Biggest Loser gave her. She really does look fantastic.

We get to see Don, too! Don works out with his twin brother three times a week and his estranged son is speaking to him again, which is good, even though the kid sounds like a twerp of the highest order. It's funny; Don and Dan are so alike that they appear to have even lost the same amount of weight!

Next week, everyone is getting split up into black and red teams and there appears to be some kind of quasi-Valentine's challenge involving chocolate. Ooh, festive.  Watch a sneak peek here:

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