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Bob Harper takes a look at their food diary. Ron, Kristin and Filipe were pretty proud of their meals. Evidently their breakfast didn't have enough calories. Ron calls olive oil empty calories and Bob freaks out on them. It gets worse at dinner because they split seven and a half ounces between the three of them. Bob's so angry the vain in his forehead is busting out. He explains to them that they need more calories and more protein.

Last Chance Workout! Bob and Jillian are working their teams hard. Filipe says he used to fear the last chance workouts but now he embraces them. Jillian has her teams run two-minute sprints. Kristin tells Bob that she can't do a 30-second sprint at a 10 on the treadmill. Jillian finally pushes Mike past his limits and he punches his treadmill. So she takes him off the treadmill and lets him box. After he loses his anger, Jillian starts talking to him about how his family has affected him. She tells him he needs to go talk to his father. He thanks her and she huge him. It's cute again. Jillian's winning in the cute arena this episode.

Mike pulls Ron aside and asks him why he was so big and never changed for him and Max. Ron tells him it's okay to be mad that he let his sons follow in his footsteps. Mike starts to cry. Ron tells the story about his wife losing a bunch of weight. Mike asks why enough was never enough for Ron like it was for his mom. They hug. Lots of people hug this week. It's all feel good cry time. My tear up count is at 2 but I haven't cried yet.

Weigh-in time! Tara tells Allison Sweeney that she wants to take the $10,000 instead of the one-pound advantage and shocks everyone, especially Jillian. But, Jillian says that she's betting on herself, which is great. Allison Sweeney then tells her she can change her mind while she's on the scale. She says she's confident in herself that she did well so she's going to gamble on herself. Jillian beams when Tara loses 5 pounds and then breathes a big sigh of relief. They love each other so much, it's adorable.

Mike, -8 pounds, 3.29%
Tara, -5 pounds, 2.75%
Ron, -4 pounds, 1.32%
Filipe, -3 pounds, 1.21%
Helen, -1 pound, 0.62%
Kristin, +1 pound, +0.41%

Ron loses 4 pounds and makes it under 300 pounds for the first time since he was a teenager. Mike has lost 153 pounds thus far, which is just ridiculously good. Bob Harper defends Kristin and tells the group that Kristin worked so hard this week and she didn't deserve to be below.

In the deliberation in the living room, Helen tells them she doesn't want to go home yet. Kristin tells them she can't believe that she's sitting in this spot again. Kristin pulls Ron aside and starts crying. Ron confirms that he would never write her name down. He tells her that he'll talk to Mike and they hug and say I love you. Once again cute, but the cuteness is ruined completely when Ron tells Mike to vote Kristin out.

Elimination Room. Tara tells Helen that she needs here in the house and votes for Kristin. Filipe says he needs Kristin and votes for Helen. Ron tells Helen that he's sorry but he could never write Kristin's name down and he votes for Helen. Mike says he made his decision for himself and voted for Kristin. It's a tie but Kristin has the lowest percentage of weight loss gets eliminated. Kristin tells them all that Mike took the easy way out. Allison asks Ron if he knew that Mike was going to vote that way and he lies and says no. Kristin isn't buying it.

Kristin tells us that she may not be the Biggest Loser but she's won her life back. When she goes home, her family tells her that she's an inspiration to them. Two months later, Kristin gives a speech to over 200 people. The people in the audience tell her how much she's inspired them. Kirstin hopes to be under 300 pounds by the finale.

Next week, an emotional last week on campus.

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-Kim Wetter, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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