'Biggest Loser' Tries Too Hard To Shake Things Up
'Biggest Loser' Tries Too Hard To Shake Things Up
Eleanor Bryan
Eleanor Bryan
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
If I could make a list of things that are really irritating me on The Biggest Loser this season, that list would be endless. But, you know what? I can make a list of things that are really irritating me on The Biggest Loser this season. So I will.

1) Constant switching of teams.
First we had the multicolored teams of two. Then we had the Red and Black teams. Then we had the unified Blue team. And now we're multicolored again. And then, this week, Alison tried to add another team, just to shake things up. While part of me was cheering for Vince and Leann last night, a larger part of me was relieved that they didn't make it onto the show, just so we didn't have to deal with more enforced drama for the sake of shaking it up.

2) Constant throwing of weigh-ins.
I touched on this last week, but come on, people. Alison was right for once when she said, "This place is not a prison." If you don't want to be on the show anymore, just leave. It's simple. Don't purposefully gain weight and make Jillian angry. It scares me.

3) The outfits.
While I'm glad that the contestants are now allowed more dignified singlets instead of being made to stand in their skivvies while getting weighed, Alison still wears horrible hats on a consistent basis, and what was that Bob was wearing to train last night? A button-down? To train? What?

4) Really weak attempts at gameplay that end in everyone talking about how much they love each other, only to pull the same act next week.
I mean, really, guys?

Basically, what I guess this all boils down to is that I am pretty sick of the show trying to add more interest in the form of drama. The attempts are dumb, irritating, and don't work. If we have to deal with the teams being switched up one more time, I really might just turn the TV off for good. It's not just that we're getting along in the season and need to do more to keep the audience's interest. The season started out this way, what with the ludicrous shadowy concealment of Brett and Cara and the Unknowns being stowed away in secrecy for four weeks. Either the season needs to be shorter to avoid the staleness that sets in at about Episode 12, or better ideas need to be put into motion to try to make this show palatable.

When it comes down to it, people don't watch this show for gimmicks, new characters, and edgy challenges. They watch it to watch people with sad stories lose weight. If we want to keep ratings up, I say the correct method is not to implement Team Change #45463453546, but instead to focus on gut-wrenching personal confessions and people that lose 15 pounds in a week. Efforts would be much better spent.

The end.

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