'Biggest Loser' Narrows It Down to the Final Four
'Biggest Loser' Narrows It Down to the Final Four
Eleanor Bryan
Eleanor Bryan
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This week is final exams week at the Ranch. Alison tells the contestants that each of the four trainers are going to be testing them on various topics that they should have mastered after their nineteen weeks. The one who scores highest on all of the tests will win $10,000. Big money!


Pop Challenge!

The first test is with Bob. The contestants have to give him a spin lesson, as if he is someone who's never ridden a spin bike before. Irene has some trouble explaining things and answering his questions and is awarded 72 points. Olivia aces it with 100 points. 

Jay goes in a somewhat daring direction and tells Bob that he is going to teach him how to spin by taking the seat off and just "going for it." However, coming from the viewpoint of Bob as a total beginner, this is a potentially dangerous move, and Bob gives him 58 points. 

Austin breaks down the basics really well, even though he confesses to not know a ton about spinning, and Bob awards him 95 points. 

Hannah, however, does the best. She gives Bob a rundown in the beginning about why spinning is great for fitness and says, "You tell this bike what to do," which Bob loves. He awards her 100 points.

Brett asks the contestants basic diet and exercise questions with multiple choice answers. It's almost frightening how poorly they do. Hannah gets a 77, Irene gets an 80, Jay gets an 88, Olivia gets an 83 and Austin gets an 82. 

Cara stands in the middle of the boxing ring and spouts off about how this is a FIGHTING test, not a BOXING test. To prove this, she stares each contestant in the eyes for an uncomfortably long period of time to see who flinches first, before proceeding to throw punches at them and yell randomly. What this is testing, I am not sure, especially because Cara heavily pads her scores depending on whether or not she "feels" that the contestants have the spirits of fighters. Irene gets a 70, Olivia a 100, Jay 95, Austin 95, and Hannah a 92.

The last of the trainers to quiz the contestants is Jillian. She is going to be quizzing them on their ability to motivate. What she does is throw their own complaints and self-doubts from the past weeks back at them, and make them talk themselves through it. As Hannah, she role-plays feeling like a failure in a family of overachievers, as Irene she complains of a lack of drive. She awards Hannah and Jay 90's, Irene an 85 because she didn't force an emotional connection, Olivia an 89, and Austin an 85.


Just when you thought the end had been reached, here comes some product placement in the guise of another segment of challenge. Alison introduces each of the players to the new Biggest Loser game for Xbox Live. Each contestant is going to be playing the game with an avatar that looks like themselves, in a virtual version of the Ranch. Meta.

The game is much harder than it looks, and quickly it becomes apparent that this is between Hannah and Olivia. They do Sumo Jump Squats, High Knee Jump Rope, Skating and Standing Mountain Climbers for 5-minute increments. Hannah wins this segment.

At the end, the different between Hannah and Olivia is 3 points, but Olivia wins the $10,000.

Milk and Falling Off the Treadmill

Then everyone works out and talks about how much they all want to make it to the Final Four. Jillian works Jay out especially hard after what happened last week. At one point he falls of a treadmill and Jillian yells at him. Question: Who is going to be this mean when Jillian leaves next season?

Also, Cara has a weird little chat with Austin about how it's important for him to drink milk.

Real Challenge!

ZOMG. YOU GUYS. IT IS THE AGRO CRAG. Okay, so maybe this is not ACTUALLY the Agro Crag, but there is a giant, multicolored set of (very steep) stairs with sandbags stacked at the bottom. Alison tells the contestants that they have to carry the heavy sandbags up to the steps. Because the steps stand so tall, they have to use the sandbags to make a heap big enough for them to stand on to get to the next step. The first person to the top wins a 1 pound advantage.

The sandbags are heavy and it's hard to both pile up enough to get to the next step, and to sling enough up onto that step to build another pile once you get up there. Olivia and Austin are competing closely, but ultimately Austin wins the pound advantage. All the girls are quick to whine about how he doesn't really need the pound the way they do, which is a bummer. Just let him be happy, why don't you?

Subway Fieldtrip

Then, everyone goes to Subway for lunch, where Brett tells them how great Sweet Onion Teriyaki is if you only put ONE TABLESPOON of dressing on. I don't know about you guys, but it looked like the sub lady was putting on more than one tablespoon to me.

Then Brett gave them a pop quiz to see who could guess the closest to the correct number of calories in a six-inch Sweet Onion Teriyaki sub and Hannah guessed right with 380 calories. Congratulations, Hannah! You can read a menu board, and for that, you are winning $500 dollars to Subway. THAT IS 100 FOOTLONGS, PEOPLE! 100!


At the weigh-in tonight, we have one person with the prize of a one pound advantage, and one person with the prize of $10,000. Alison, that tricky minx, tells Austin and Olivia that they have an opportunity to change things. If Austin wants to, he can get rid of his one-pound safety net for $10,000. Likewise, Olivia can swap her cash prize for a pound advantage. Both, however, keep their original prizes. Austin wants the safety net, and Olivia wants to keep her money because it is something she fought for and earned. We will see how these choices pan out for them, shall we?

Hannah loses 4 pounds for a total of 98 pounds lost and 2.60%.

Irene loses 5 pounds for a total of 108 pounds lost and 3.29%.

Jay loses a totally outrageous 9 pounds! He is so happy, and I'm glad to see that all that falling off of treadmills and Jillian screaming did him some good. His total is 3.53%.

Olivia loses 5 pounds to put her at 3.16%. While that's a fine showing, Alison informs her that, if she had taken the one-pound advantage, she would be safe from elimination, but as it is she could now fall below the yellow line.

Austin loses 1 pound, something completely unheard of from him. The sadness and disappointment is palpable. He is crying. I feel so bad for him. Even with the pound advantage, his percentage of weight lost is 1.85%. He and Hannah are up for elimination.

Elimination & At-Home Results

Olivia votes first. She spends a lot of time telling Austin how wonderful he is and how successful he is going to be, but she obviously votes for him.

Jay is next. He, too, votes for Austin, citing Hannah as the reason he was able to come back to be on the show in the first place. This is enough to throw Austin out of the competition. Austin is sent home.

Austin now weighs 230 pounds! He is continuing to lose weight at home. He does a lot of training and is really into boxing and MMA fighting. He speaks to a fifth grade class about how important it is to eat healthily, and plays them a song he wrote on his guitar. It's pretty stinking cute, I must say. Austin, I am going to miss your face and your curly hair. I really am.

And then there were four. Look back on their journey:

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