'Biggest Loser' Is Short and Sweet
'Biggest Loser' Is Short and Sweet
Eleanor Bryan
Eleanor Bryan
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Alison comes out and tells the contestants that this week is favorites week at the Ranch. Past contestants, previous favorite challenges, all will be present this week. Right off the bat, Alison brings forward Ali Vincent, who won Season 5, and Sam Poueu from Season 9. Everyone is excited and they immediately hit the gym. Ali does the Jillian and hunkers down on Rulon's back while he does planks.

What's coolest to me is that, after the workout, Sam and Ali pull everyone into the kitchen for a little nutritional info, which, as I have discussed before, is something this show is greatly lacking. Sam explains that, after a good workout, carbs are just as important as protein and hydration. Ali shows the contestants how to make a nice, versatile quinoa salad with a lot of fiber, protein and vitamins. Sam explains some little tips, like how cherry tomatoes are packed with nutrient and that grilled onions are easier for the body to digest than raw ones. This is perfect information, and something especially valuable when it's coming from people who have completed this journey and are now living the post-TBL life.

Pulling Cars

Clint Bowyer, NASCAR driver #33 drives up in his shiny car and Rulon jumps up and down like a little kid. Alison reminds the contestants of the Season 7 challenge in which contestants pulled a car half a mile. Tara won that competition then, and since it's favorites week, the show has brought her back to compete again! She shows up, hugs, bounces around talking about triathalons and her foundation, and everyone is really excited to see her in real life. Alison reveals that the winner of this week's challenge gets to be Clint's guest at the Richmond International, and gets their picture on the Wheaties box. Immediately, Rulon cites this victory as his, because he never got to actually be on the Wheaties box when he won the Olympics.

Rulon and Tara get off to fast starts, with Rulon a little ahead. (Did anyone else notice the people driving the cars? I guess someone has to steer, but I really hope that they weighed all the drivers and that they weight EXACTLY THE SAME. Otherwise this challenge is so totally unfair.)

Tara surges ahead at the end, and it's a photo finish. However, Alison reveals later that Tara is the winner!

Last Chance Workout

During the Last Chance Workout, Cara notices that Rulon looks "weird" and he tells her that he's fine, but wants to be home with his wife, living real life. She kind of lets it go, which seems weird to me since usually the trainers have much more extreme reactions to contestants telling them they want to go home, but whatever.

Jillian talks to Irene, who feels a lot of pressure. Irene is two pounds away from being the first woman on the season to lose 100 pounds. She says that she keeps waiting to do something she feels proud of, and Jillian tells her that she's being insane. She tells Irene that she has to want it, she has to feel like she needs it for herself. "Tell me you deserve this," she says, and what's amazing is that Irene does. She gets tearful and it's hard for her to say, but she says it and you can tell she finally believes it.


The weigh-in begins with Rulon skipping up the steps of the scale and saying, "This is the last time I will be on the scale. I am leaving the show for a personal reason." He does not elaborate. He does not explain. He does not wait for people to beg him to stay. And honestly, why should he? Lots of people have left this season, but for all his faults Rulon did it best. He announced his intention and followed through, and for that I do not feel he can be faulted.

Alison announces that there will still be a weigh-in and an elimination, which puts everyone on edge because, as Olivia said, "And then there were six."

Irene loses 3 pounds for a grand total of 101 pounds lost so far this season. Everyone cheers and is so happy for her. It's very sweet.

Kaylee gains 2 pounds and really, all I can say at this point is ugh. UGH. Go home already, Kaylee.

Austin loses 7 pounds, which is amazing. Guys, am I the only one thinking that Austin looks kind of foxy now?

Olivia loses 6 pounds, for a total of 99 pounds lost!

Jay loses 7, which he gets kind of mopey about. Get over yourself, Jay.

Hannah loses 5 pounds, making her the second Biggest Loser after Olivia this week.

Irene and Kaylee are up for elimination.


Hannah votes for Kaylee. Austin votes for Irene, citing his long friendship with Kaylee as his reason. Olivia also votes for Kaylee. Alison announces that Jay's vote is unnecessary because, even in the event of a tie, Kaylee would go home anyway because her percentage of weight-loss is smaller.

Kaylee goes home. About time, too. She hugs everyone goodbye and then she and Austin like put their noses together and gaze into each other's eyes and smile and you guys, they totally almost make out!!!

Please tell me I am not the only one who saw that.

At Home Results

Kaylee has lost 68 pounds at home. She claims that her extreme yo yo-ing is a result of her reaching her goal weight. She is now dating that guy Vance who was shoved onto the show for a hot episode only to be told to go home again. They go ice skating and kiss on the front porch and it's so obviously set-up I want to barf.

In other news, Kaylee wants to become an MMA trainer when she grows up and Tim Gunn is coming next week to do makeovers. Which one are YOU most excited about?

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