'Biggest Loser' Final Four Predictions
'Biggest Loser' Final Four Predictions
Eleanor Bryan
Eleanor Bryan
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Hannah. Olivia. Jay. Irene. It's that time of year. Hannah, Olivia, Jay and Irene are the members of the final four for this season of The Biggest Loser. And, honestly? It's a close race. I'm not entirely sure who I think is going to win. Are you? I had Austin pegged as a winner. So did everyone else I know who watched the show, actually. Now that he's gone, who's it going to be?

4) Irene

Guys, I love Irene and she was the fist female contestant to lose 100lbs. That being said, however, I don't see Irene winning. She's a little too laid-back and I'm not sure if she does well under pressure. Also, she doesn't necessarily have the charisma of some of the other contestants. She's just too chill. And while I would love to hang out with Irene in real life, I just don't see her clawing her way to the top. Maybe she'll surprise us, though.

3) Hannah

Hannah is sunny, sweet and has made enormous progress on the show. However, she has spotty performance at challenges and while she consistently has good numbers, they're never quite as high as Olivia's. I'm sure the show is going to play it up to make it seem like they're head-to-head, just for the drama, but I don't see Hannah winning it all.

2) Jay

Jay has spotty performance, it's true, but I don't really get what Jillian and Bob keep saying when they say he's "not the same" since he came back. He's been losing pretty consistently the last few weeks, and since he's the only guy left, he does have a pretty good chance at losing a higher percentage of weight faster than the girls do. Sorry, ladies. It's just science.

1) Olivia

That being said, I think Olivia's going to win it all. Have you SEEN her lately? Homegirl is skinny. Straight-up skinny. She's been having some really great weeks, but more than that, her attitude is almost scarily focused and determined. Olivia is going to win, simply because she is going to will herself to do it. And then she and her skinny mini husband and going to take over the world together. The end.

Who do you guys think is going to win it all?

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