An Inside Scoop on 'The Biggest Loser'
An Inside Scoop on 'The Biggest Loser'
Have you ever wondered what it's like behind the scenes at The Biggest Loser? Well, we have the inside scoop from the show's executive producer, J.D. Roth. There were a lot of variables to deal with in the season's premiere, as the show hit seven different cities to give the chance of a lifetime to two out of three contenders. Here is what Roth had to say about shooting in each city (including Portland, a first for The Biggest Loser).

"We were really happy to partner with Ford this season, because of their commitment to breast cancer awareness and Race for the Cure, so we started off at Ford for our first challenge -- and we'll see more of Ford later in the season. 

We had our hands full on a very hot day, because we had 550 people competing in the step-up challenge, not just the three competing to be on the show. Needless to say, a lot of focus went toward making sure everyone stayed hydrated and healthy."

"Everyone thinks of Southern California as being warm all year long, but when we shot at the beach in this episode it was absolutely freezing -- we actually had to edit a lot of the Jillian footage because she was shivering in every shot! And it was so windy, we had a hard time even hearing what Ali was saying!"
"Mark is actually from New Jersey - which you can tell from his Jersey dialect - but his family lives in Arizona so we flew him there to compete. He sounds a little like a fish out of water, don't you think?
We're really proud of Shanna because she was diagnosed with breast cancer just about a year ago - she's an incredible inspiration to everyone."

"Season 5 finalist Mark Kruger emceed our day in Boston, which was fantastic.
Frado is actually a very successful commodities trader -- he can afford everything but was still totally overwhelmed by his weight. It was a great perspective having him on the show."
"In Atlanta, we created a kind of wacky mile run for the competitors. It was very hot that day so we ended up starting inside at the Atlanta Convention Center, continued with the route outside, and then wound up back inside the Convention Center -- very unconventional for The Biggest Loser ..."
"Portland is known as the healthiest city in America, so we'd never been there before, but we still found some amazing people to be on the show."
Oklahoma City
"Danny, our winner from season 8, emceed our day in Oklahoma, and the mayor also showed up to speak to the crowd just before the competition -- he did a great job and got everyone riled up. Keeping with our weather challenges, we had tornado warnings and a massive hale storm in Oklahoma, which actually dented some of our production trucks, so we were glad when we were able to wrap it up in Oklahoma City!"

You can see contestants vie for a spot in each city tonight at 8/7c on NBC. Also, check out 5 Reasons to Watch the Biggest Loser Premiere.

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