'The Bachelorette' Finale Recap: Jillian Gets Her Ring!
'The Bachelorette' Finale Recap: Jillian Gets Her Ring!
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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You guys, I'm so happy that it's FINALLY the last episode of The Bachelorette, I can't even muster much snark here. To be fair, though, I really do like the two final guys--Ed and Kiptyn--so too much making fun just feels malicious, anyway.

And now that all the proclamations of love are coming out... it makes a girl feel like a Scrooge if she's not willing to play along, even during the FINALE. So it's a pretty straight-up recap tonight. I trust in you to bring the snark in your comments. I, for one, am going to suspend my disbelief and go with the fairytale version. At least until tomorrow night's "After the Final Rose" Special (10 PM).

Okay, enough small talk--WHO'S THE GUY? Ed, Kiptyn... or Reid?

(Want to skip all the mushy stuff and just see who won? I got you. Here.)

Before she can commit to one of her final guys, Jillian needs to introduce both to her parents.

Meet the Parents:

Ed's first to meet Jill's relatives: her mom, dad, cousin, and grandmother. The meeting starts out a bit rocky. He's been "married" before, he tells them--to his job! Ed tells the tale of how he left the show for work, but came back when he couldn't stop thinking about Jillian. He hopes they'll respect that he corrected his mistake. Ed sits down with Jillian's mom and dad separately, and passes Peggy's quiz with flying colors, and brings around Papa Glen when he says he loves Jill and wants to propose. Jillian tells her mom how comfortable she is with the idea of Ed proposing.

ed-coconuts.jpgThen everyone puts on coconut shells and grass shirts and does some Hawaiian hula-ing. Naturally.

The next day, it's Kiptyn's turn. Jillian reiterates (for the nth time) that she and Kiptyn have amazing physical chemistry, and he's a perfect package, but is that enough? Jillian hugs the whole fam again like she hasn't seen them for months! They again take turns quizzing Kiptyn, who aces Mom's quiz, but is less declarative about love and marriage with Dad. He's getting there, but he's cautious. (Some might say "realistic.")

But he still voices his intentions to marry Jillian... someday.

After Kiptyn leaves, the family deliberates with Jill, and call out their favorites.
Cousin Torie and Mom like what positive, happy energy Kiptyn has. They think he would give Jill good balance in her life. Dad is smitten with Ed, whose intentions were on the table, and is a well-rounded, work-oriented man.

Jill grabs Torie to talk S-E-X. She recaps what we already know: Kiptyn's got the passion in the bedroom that she thought was lacking with Ed. Torie dodges making a judgment, and says she'll support Jill in whatever she decides. Jill laments that she wishes there was a sign from God, a lightning bolt to tell her what to do! Woe is she. But she's still got 2 more dates to go before she has to make her decision.

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