The Bachelorette: Eliminated Sasha Talks Juan the Snake Vs. David the Psycho
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Besides that creepy foot fetishizer, Tanner P., it's the hottest water-cooler gossip among Bachelorette viewers this season: what's the real story behind the hatred between bachelors Juan and David?

Sasha Petrovic, the 27-year-old oil and gas consultant from Tiki Islands, Texas, was uniquely poised to answer such a question this morning, after his shocking elimination aired on Monday night.

Sasha wasn't around first-hand for the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party, where the beef between aggressive David and skeazy Juan came to a head, but he did have an insider's opinion on the feud, including the group's concern that Juan might be... a "spy"?!

"The whole house was against him. It was like instantaneous. Everyone was on it, but David just hates the guy," said Petrovic.

Why? Read on for Sasha's take on the battle of the bachelors.

"Juan is a special character. When we first got in the house me and him didn't get along at all, just because he is the type of guy like that annoying cousin, who every time he sees you, slaps you in the back. After the first couple of times, you're like, 'Take it easy,' " Petrovic said.

Sasha said he felt fortunate that his date-schedule with Jillian allowed him to stay away from Juan. But David wasn't so lucky... or able to let it go:

"I talked to David about it probably 20 times, and I said, 'Why do you care?' He said, 'She doesn't know who he is. He is a snake. He is this and that.' I said, 'Let him spend time with her. He will bury himself. You know he is not going to do well. Just let it pass. You can't let it bother you, or you are going to go crazy.' David was, 'My dad had three heart attacks by the time he was 50. Things bother us in our family. I don't like feeling this way, but I can't help it. I legitimately can't stop hating him.' "

Remember David's tirade over Juan's age and the fact that he pretended to take a liquor shot, but actually dumped it out? Seemed like silly reasons to hate someone to the outside eye, but Petrovic gave the inside scoop about how all these details about Juan spelled trouble to the group:

"First of all, everyone thought he was a spy. They thought he was working for the show. He was 35. He was the oldest guy there. All the guys were hanging out in the bunkhouse, drinking beer, playing pool, outside playing basketball, interacting -- except Juan. Juan is hanging out in the corner not doing anything. Jillian would spontaneously come down and surprise us. So one time, he is just hanging out, he runs upstairs and puts on a pullover and looks nice. He hasn't been drinking all day long. He goes and gets a beer mug, comes in and stands by the guys playing pool. Two minutes later, Jillian walks in. Did he know? A bunch of the guys noticed it."

Sasha left no doubt as to why Juan was voted the group's least favorite in Week 2:

"He will alienate himself, and then when he needs to look like he is in the picture, he will look like he is one of the guys hanging out, having a beer and having a good time, when, in reality, he wasn't doing any of that. He plugged it in at the right time. So all the guys were, "What are you doing? If you don't want to hang out with us and drink beer, do it. Don't act as if you are a guy's guy." Be who you are. Brad was a weirdo, but he was who he was. Juan would be who he was around us, but when she pulled in, he acted as if he was one of the guys having fun. And going, 'I don't know why they don't like me.' "

Does that justify David's aggressive, even at times life-threatening, hatred for the 35-year-old Argentinian contractor?

"Obviously, there are some anger-management issues going on," Petrovic said in the understatement of the summer. 

What do you think about this feud? Is it fabricated for TV drama, or is David really out for blood?


-Meghan Carlson, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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