The Bachelorette 5: Podcast - Our First Impressions of the Guys
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The Bachelorette is mere days away from premiering, and here at BuddyTV, we are stoked. 30 men--more than ever before--will be vying for the affections of Jillian Harris, the plucky 29-year-old decorator from Vancouver, and our favorite lady from the last season of The Bachelor.

ABC has finally released photos and details about these 30 "handsome" bachelors, so we did what we do best: we judged them.

In the first of many Bachelorette podcasts, go along with Oscar (our male baseline), Debbie (the resident Bachelor expert) and Meghan (the impending Bachelorette reviewer this summer) as we give our first impressions and early favorites to win Jillian's heart.

Listen to the podcast in full mp3 audio form, and click on the "Meet the Cast" slideshow below (opens in a new tab) to follow along through all the best and worst fauxhawks and faces. Judging is fun!*

*[Disclaimer: All the judging really is all in good fun. Any insults are completely in jest. It's not like we look like GQ models over here, either.]

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-Meghan Carlson, Debbie Chang, and Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Writers
Image courtesy of ABC