The Bachelorette 4: Episode 6 Recap
On tonight's episode of The Bachelorette, DeAnna earns her frequent flyer miles when she travels around the country, visiting the hometowns of the final four men.  She kicks things off in Jesse's hometown of Breckenridge, Colorado.  On their last one on one date, Jesse was out of his element but in Ohio, he showed her his world of snowboarding.  Afterwards, he took her to his house for a tour and to meet his parents.  When dinner is over, Jesse talks to his dad alone, where he confesses how hard it is for him to deal with DeAnna dating three other guys.  He is the only one who has not kissed DeAnna.  On a horse drawn carriage ride, Jesse finally plants one on her and vows to step up his game so that he is the last one standing.

Next, it's off to Dallas, Texas where DeAnna is picked up for a motorcycle ride by Jeremy.  Jeremy wished that he could introduce his parents to DeAnna, both of whom have passed, but he showed her pictures and talked a lot about them with her.  He shared an emotional journal entry with her about the day his mom passed and an even deeper connection was formed between them.  Jeremy's brothers and sister-in-law join them for dinner and immediately bond since all have lost a parent.  Before DeAnna leaves, the brothers express their concern to DeAnna that Jeremy is going to end up hurt but she promises that her intentions are true.

From Dallas, it's off to Seattle, Washington where she finds Jason waiting for her with open arms.  He immediately takes her up in the Seattle Space Needle.  Afterwards, DeAnna got to meet the most important person in Jason's life - his son, Tyler.  They spent the day in the park, feeding ducks and playing together.  Jason takes DeAnna back to his house, where she meets his parents, his brothers, and his sister.   When it was time for him to go, Ty broke down as did the entire family.  It was an emotional goodbye for DeAnna, who started to feel like Jason is the person she's meant to spend her life with.

Last, it was off to Raleigh, North Carolina where DeAnna couldn't keep her hands off of Graham.  He took her back to his high school, where they had a little fun shooting hoops.  After dinner with his parents, DeAnna gets a little scared off by Graham's mom, who says that her son has a hard time committing past four weeks.  During her time alone with him, Graham shuts down and refuses to tell her what's on his mind.  Despite that, DeAnna says that she continues to fall for him anyway.

At the rose ceremony, DeAnna surprises the room by handing the first rose to Jesse.  The last two roses go to Jeremy and Jason.  After being shut out one too many times, DeAnna sends Graham back to North Carolina.  She walks him outside and says that she can't be with someone who refuses to open up to her.  He says that this is goodbye forever and is very cold to her as they have their final conversation.  When she says that she was falling in love with him, he gets emotional but she still feels that she can't take the chance and get her heart broken again.  She tries to walk him to the car but he hands her a note of all the things he's been wanting to say to her.  As she read the note, she broke down, worried that now, she would never fall in love.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of ABC)