'The Bachelor' Season 17 Premiere Preview: Sean is Captain America
'The Bachelor' Season 17 Premiere Preview: Sean is Captain America
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Sean Lowe got his heart broken when Emily Maynard rejected him last season on The Bachelorette but he's determined to do things a little differently when he returns to reality TV as the star of The Bachelor season 17, which kicks off tonight at 8pm on ABC. Described by host Chris Harrison as "the most sincere bachelor we have ever had," the 28-year-old Dallas businessman will wear his heart on his sleeve (while being shirtless most of the time!) as he attempts to find his soul mate among 26 bachelorette hopefuls.

As hinted by the network's press release, this season will not only feature 25 women vying for Sean's affection as one mystery woman will also be revealed, rounding up the total to 26. But before Sean gets to know his ladies, he first meets with someone who was also rejected by Emily Maynard: Arie Lukendyk. The race car driver graces tonight's premiere to offer his support and questionable advice to this season's love searcher.

Viewers can expect tension and drama right off the the first cocktail party, where the women try to make lasting impressions. Some of them include an engineer who back flips out of the limousine, an obsessed fan of Fifty Shades of Grey and a cruise ship singer who serenades Sean with an original song. But none of this really matters as Sean decides to shake the competition up and break the rules by handing out early roses to women he feels he has a connection with.

A total of 12 women head into the first rose ceremony with roses in hand, leaving Sean the difficult decision to choose seven more contestants to move on and seven women to send home. By the end of the night, Sean is left with 19 women who will continue vying for his love and attention. 

The season opener, however, is just the tip of the Bachelor drama ice berg. As one contestant put it, "when you put a bunch of girls together, there's going to be drama." Check out the promo as well as the extended trailer of  The Bachelor season 17, which features lots of makeout sessions, beautiful sceneries, tension and cat fights, a love triangle, an injured bachelorette and an ambulance. 

If that's not enough to get you excited for the new season of The Bachelor, Chris Harrison gives you another reason to tune in: 

"Sean is a diamond in the rough," he said. "If you put a star and a cape on this guy, he is Captain America, with better abs. And yes, he will have his shirt off a lot."

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