'The Bachelor' Deleted Scenes: Sean Makes Tierra a Promise, Then Has a Golf Course Rendezvous with Daniella
'The Bachelor' Deleted Scenes: Sean Makes Tierra a Promise, Then Has a Golf Course Rendezvous with Daniella
Sarah Watson
Sarah Watson
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Bachelor Sean loves almost everything, but he does not love the catty behavior he's seen in Montana. This week's rocky mountain drama has him wondering if he'll actually find his wife on this crazy reality TV elimination competition! Poor Sean. At least he had a fruitful talk with Tierra (who might not be so tierrable after all), and he cut loose with Daniella, the bachelorette we've barely seen this season but who's actually pretty fun.

Sean's Promise 

Sean has spent a lot of camera time reassuring Tierra, so obviously some of it had to end up on the cutting room floor. Here's a scene that didn't air last night but that seems sort of familiar anyway. Tierra's uncomfortable sharing Sean with a bunch of other ladies, as per ushe. Sean doesn't love this situation either, especially since it directly conflicts with his personal code of chivalry. "I know part of my responsibility as a man is to protect a woman's heart," Sean tells Tierra. Apparently rejecting fifteen women on national television makes that hard. 

Despite all that, Sean makes a promise to Tierra that he really does seem to mean in the moment: "I promise you that I'm gonna protect your heart as well as I can." Sean does have an honorable cowboy way about him: faithful, strong and resolute. (Also, he looks good in plaid.)

Tierra shines up at Sean like a jack-o-lantern. Say what you will about Tierra's motives and character; the girl has a lot of bright energy. She must be a Top Model fan, because she can smize (smile with her eyes) like nobody else on this show, and it's obviously bewitched this season's bachelor.  

In an interview, Tierra offers some astute predictions. She expects Jackie (the other two-on-one date member) to badmouth her to Sean, which will only end up biting Jackie in the butt. The camera zooms in on Tierra's backside as she walks away with Sean. Is that a hint? Tierra's bite may be on the horizon. 

Let's Get Out of Here

We haven't seen much of Daniella so far, but if this clip is any indication, this girl has her priorities in order. She acknowledges her growing feelings for Sean and the tension of this televised cocktail party experience, but she also notes, "We're in Montana! Let's have fun!" Well said, Daniella. 

She grabs Sean by the hand and sprints down the perfectly manicured fairway of the resort golf course, laughing and squealing with glee at her own free-spiritedness. Sean is thankful for a tension release of any kind, telling us that he's glad he gave Daniella a rose since it's given her more confidence. Maybe this means we'll actually start seeing Daniella on this show! Who knows? It looks like we may have a dark horse in this competition. 

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