Former 'Bachelor' Star Vanessa Grimaldi Talks Life Post-Nick Viall Split: 'I've Been Loving Life'
Former 'Bachelor' Star Vanessa Grimaldi Talks Life Post-Nick Viall Split: 'I've Been Loving Life'
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Vanessa Grimaldi has been living her life to the fullest since parting ways with Bachelor star Nick Viall. The 29-year-old Montreal-based special education teacher is happily single and isn't exactly looking for love these days but she feels a sense of fulfillment doing her "thing."

"I think it's important, you know, after you get out of a serious relationship, to just take time for yourself and feel comfortable in your own space alone. I'm really enjoying that time to myself right now," she told Us Weekly, adding that she's never done any dating apps.

Grimaldi met and got engaged to Viall on The Bachelor season 21. The couple ended their relationship five months after the season ended. 

"I've been loving life. I've been between Montreal and L.A. I have my foundation No Better You and and we're helping out poor schools in Montreal and we're going to open more sensory rooms and have a fundraiser in the summer," she revealed. "I'm heading down to do the ribbon cutting ceremony at one of the sensory rooms, one of the schools, so I'm really excited about that. That feels like it's really been a big accomplishment for the team."

In another interview with Entertainment Tonight, Grimaldi admitted that her breakup with Viall was not easy. However, the pair was determined to maintain a good relationship. 

"The breakup wasn't easy, but it was important for me still to have a good relationship with him after we broke up," Grimaldi shared. "That was an important thing for the both of us and we both very much support each other. [We talk] every once in a while. I have a lot of respect for Nick."

In fact, Grimaldi thinks Viall is going to make a splash in the acting world.

"That's what he wants to do and anything he puts his head to, he's going to succeed at, so I wish him all the best," Grimaldi said of Viall, who recently appeared on the comedy series Speechless.

The Bachelor season 22 premieres January 1 on ABC.

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