Bachelorette "After the Final Rose" Special Live Thoughts
Bachelorette "After the Final Rose" Special Live Thoughts
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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It's been about two months since the last night's Bachelorette finale was filmed, so tonight our eyes will once again be graced with the faces of Jillian Harris, her main man Ed (at least he was two months ago...), and cast-off guys Reid and Kiptyn to see how everyone is holding up. 

Join me here live to chat about the Special! So many questions are swimming in my head: Will there be twists? Will we find out who the next Bachelor is? Who's already moved on? Who's still amusingly bitter but pretending to be gracious anyway? Who's embarrassed because he wore "Sweatin' to the Oldies" green short-shorts on national TV? Et cetera.

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But, also, who's out there asking how WE'RE holding up, after that big, nasty mess of girlfriend drama, "there for the right reasons" discussions, and "surprise" returns inflicted upon us, the viewers? Well, if Chris Harrison isn't going to do it (and you know he won't...) I WILL: Hey you, reading this. Are you holding up okay? Yeah, I'm glad it's all over, too. It's been a long season. Did you catch tonight's premiere of More to Love? OMG I KNOW! Ridiculous.

Now let's get to the "After the Final Rose" business. Tonight, besides watching Chris Harrison earn that Bachelorette paycheck, we'll also be checking in with Melissa Rycroft, the world's ACTUAL Biggest Loser. In a good way, I mean. Seriously, who else could turn getting dumped on TV into a dancing career, an engagement, and a job on Good Morning America? Girlfriend is kind of my hero. And I kind of hate her for that.

Melissa Rycroft

Chris welcomes us and catches us up on THE MOST DRAMATIC FINALE EVARRR. But first: we're gonna see what's new with Melissa (since we saw Jason and Molly two weeks ago). Here's Melissa! Looking gorgeous with loooong brown hair. I like this style better than what she wore during The Bachelor. Chris rolls tape of Melissa's "journey" during the last several months. After watching Jason dump her, Melissa says it feels (and is) "forever ago." By "forever," she means less than a year. Whatevs. She's danced her way strong since then.

What about Tye? Melissa says he started as her friend, and now they're engaged! She looks genuinely happy. She is, I think, and that's awesome. Everyone has gone on to bigger and better things since The Bachelor, Chris notes, and Melissa even admits that, in the end, Jason made the right choice. Ah-DOY! Because she's got a hot fiance, hot job, and hot bod because of it! I'd use this moment to make a universal claim about how when things are looking bleak in our lives, we should think of Melissa's story and remember that sometimes the lowest valleys lead to the highest peaks. But then I remembered this is a Reality TV dating show. Sorry.

Now it's that handsome devil Kiptyn's turn to tell his tale of heartache. First he watches the scene in Hawaii when Jillian dumped him for Ed. Some people have claimed that his big sigh and monotone "This hurts a lot," are actually masked relief--not sure I agree, but it's funny to watch it that way. Kiptyn now says he was crushed, but he seems to be holding up juuuust fine now. He says he'd love to see Jillian now, and out she comes.

They greet each other like old friends. He doesn't even know what to say, and he first asks what he could have done differently. Not because he really needs the answer, it seems. He just doesn't know what else to ask. Kiptyn says "yes and no" he wishes he had done things differently, because when he said "I love you" (eventually), he meant it. Jill says Kiptyn is a remarkable guy, and she hopes he's okay and happy. Jill says she realized that day in Hawaii that he had a ring when he touched his pocket, and he jokes, "I was looking for my heart." OOOOH SNAP. They end on a light note, and Kiptyn remains ever the gentleman as he wishes Jill the best. No, you know who's the best? Kiptyn. P.S.: He's still HAWT as ever.

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