Why Peter Kraus Would Be a Horrible Choice for the Next 'Bachelor' Star
Why Peter Kraus Would Be a Horrible Choice for the Next 'Bachelor' Star
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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The messiness that was The Bachelorette season 13 finale has extended before the actual episode and After the Final Rose special. The storm that is Peter and Rachel's break-up is already starting to infect the next season of The Bachelor. Peter has seemed eager to become the next star of The Bachelor franchise but on After the Final Rose and after, Rachel has made it clear that she feels the show is not for him. Rachel's opinions about Peter are incredibly unpopular now, as many feel she made the wrong choice choosing a relationship with Bryan over Peter, but in this one aspect she's right. Peter would be terrible for The Bachelor.

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Mr. Right ... for The Bachelor

Peter's very likable and it seems obvious, from an outsider's perspective, that Rachel made the wrong choice in her Bachelorette journey. Peter really does appear to be Rachel's number one pick. The only reason he was let go was because he couldn't commit to an engagement. It wasn't because Rachel wanted to be with Bryan more. Rachel did make a mistake with Peter and "the mistake" on The Bachelorette typically becomes the next Bachelor

Peter's heartbreak on The Bachelorette, his popularity with fans and his devastating good looks all would make him a normal shoe-in for the gig. There is one very important hold-up. Peter's personality and sensibilities are completely wrong for the show. Peter might be in demand right now but he would more than likely make a horrendous Bachelor star. 

The Bachelor does have Peter's "storyline" for his potential season ready to go. Peter is the guy who couldn't overcome the idea of proposing to someone after only going out with them on a couple dates. Obviously, his season of The Bachelor would be all about him trying to make it happen a second time. While this a possibility where Peter does find someone he is so immediately attracted to that he gets down on one knee, that's not a likely scenario. 

The Same Weepy Song and Dance

The Bachelor has cast skeptical, realistic or otherwise unconventional leads before and it has always ended in failure. Peter's angst over an engagement during The Bachelorette season finale was fascinating but only in a very small dose. If Peter was on The Bachelor, he would be in his head so much and become so boring that he would make Nick Viall look like a downright comedian. 

Peter is too rational and "normal" to do well on The Bachelor. Peter has a good TV presence but he can't give himself over to the process of the show the way the lead needs to be involved. Peter can't question the point of The Bachelorette in the season finale and then suddenly sign up for another round on The Bachelor. It's a complete contradiction.

Even if Peter isn't stuck in his own head like Nick and the season isn't a never-ending conflict of him questioning himself, it will end in one of two underwhelming ways from Bachelor history. Based on what is known about Peter from The Bachelorette, he would either dump both women at the end like Brad Womack or he would do something lame like Juan Pablo where he tells the final lady he likes her "a lot." Granted, Peter would never be so gross as Juan Pablo but it would still amount to the same disappointing outcome. 

The Bachelor franchise is all about the suspension of belief and the fairy tale that people can fall in love and get engaged on TV. That's not possible with someone who strongly (and understandably) believes that an engagement is the same thing as a marriage. It might have been said in spite, but Rachel is right, Peter doesn't belong on the show. 

A lot of Bachelorette fans might be #TeamPeter but just because Peter was a better choice for Rachel than Bryan, doesn't mean he should become the next Bachelor. In fact, it is because Peter was so different and skeptical of the process that made him so likable. To dive right ahead into The Bachelor would undermine the very thing that made Peter refreshing. The Bachelor pick typically is the contestant from the previous season who is most liked and/or interesting. While that might be Peter, it's only if Peter stays out of the reality TV spotlight.

But what do you think? Do you think Peter would be a good choice for The Bachelor? Who is your pick for the next lead of the franchise?

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