Why Nick Viall Is a Far More Interesting 'Bachelor' Than He Might Seem
Why Nick Viall Is a Far More Interesting 'Bachelor' Than He Might Seem
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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After The Bachelorette season 12 wrapped and time stretched on and on without the slightest hint of who would be the next star of The Bachelor, the more it seemed the series had something up their sleeve. The men of JoJo's season, on the whole, were considered duds, and it seemed unlikely that The Bachelor season 21 would follow the usual pattern of picking someone from the previous Bachelorette season to be the star. 

So instead The Bachelor went just a little bit farther back in The Bachelorette history and picked two-time contestant Nick Viall. Nick is not a perfect choice for The Bachelor season 21 but he is far more interesting than he appears at first. 

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Best of a Meh Situation

Nick is not the best and most exciting choice that The Bachelor could have made for season 21. The upcoming season would have been far more interesting if the star was someone we never met before on the franchise and didn't fall so closely into the typical formula like Nick. If The Bachelor stubbornly chooses to not branch out of its comfort zone with their stars however, Nick is the best choice available. He's not the best choice period but he is an improvement over what could have happened. 

Especially in light of the recent news that Luke Pell of JoJo's season was supposed to be the new Bachelor, Nick is already a sight better. There is nothing wrong with Luke, as a person, but as a TV personality he left a lot to be desired. Luke only really came alive to the cameras as he was being eliminated by JoJo. The benefit of Nick being on three Bachelor franchise shows before his The Bachelor run is that he knows how to be on camera. 

Camera Ready and Ready for Love

A great problem flagging the men of JoJo's season is either they were too dull or too polished to be likable on camera. The final guys swung between two extremes: the botoxed/robotic Robby and Jordan and the dull/barely awake Chase and Luke. Nick has already proven to be likable and interesting on camera and then some. You kind of have to be entertaining on TV when your unofficial profession is Reality TV Star. 

It's very clear that Nick decided to appear on Bachelor in Paradise to rebuild a public image that was tarnished by his two appearances on The Bachelorette. Nick is at least honest on the show that that's what he's doing and that's why it has worked. He has been upfront about the unflattering stories about himself in Andi Dorfman's tell-all book being true. Nick has had fun with his infamous reputation of being the runner-up and he appears to recognize that the whole experience is a little silly. To have a Bachelor who doesn't take everything ultra-seriously is a great change of pace from the previous stars. 

It's not just because of camera-readiness that Nick's experience will be beneficial to the show. The Bachelor tends to cast men in the late 20's to mid-30's to star. Nick, at 35, is one of the oldest people to be The Bachelor. Not that 35 is in any way "old," but he is an undeniable elder statesman of the franchise. Age does not always equal maturity, but Nick shows much more maturity on Bachelor in Paradise season 3 than he ever showed on his previous two seasons of The Bachelorette. This only speaks of good things to come for his upcoming Bachelor season. 

The Bachelor needs someone older and wiser like Nick for the franchise. The last three Bachelors have left a lot to desired in the maturity department. Ben Higgins was a step in the right direction but was too naive. He was constantly confused on his season and it resulted in him telling two women he was in love with them. Chris Soules and Juan Pablo were pretty much disasters who appeared to be using the show for the male-whore potential. Though he is from The Bachelorette past, Nick could be the breath of fresh air that The Bachelor needs. 

But what do you think? Is Nick the right choice for The Bachelor season 21? Would you rather watch Luke Pell? Do you think Nick has been given too many chances on TV? Or are all those previous TV appearances a blessing in disguise?

You can watch Nick on the two-night season 3 finale of Bachelor in Paradise Monday, September 5 and Tuesday, September 6 at 8pm on ABC.

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