'The Bachelorette' Advice: How to Survive the First Rose Ceremony
'The Bachelorette' Advice: How to Survive the First Rose Ceremony
Ashland Hubbard
Ashland Hubbard
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The premiere of The Bachelorette is almost here and the most important part of the first episode will be the rose ceremony. It will kick off Desiree Hartsock's journey to find love and set the tone for the rest of the season. Here are a few tips for this season's bachelors to survive the first rose ceremony.

Dress To Impress 

With 25 suitors for Desiree Hartsock to meet, an important factor in the first rose ceremony will be outfit choices. It's not just the women of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette that dazzle in their dresses and jewelry, but the men as well in their sharp button downs and slacks. In order to initially get Desiree's attention, the guys must show off their personal styles.

Plan Your Limo Exit

The limo exit is crucial to the first rose ceremony and if done right, it could win you the first impression rose. Tierra LiCausi had barely stepped out of her limo in Season 8 of The Bachelor when Sean Lowe gave her the most coveted rose of the evening. Some contestants get a little ahead of themselves, like when Robyn Howard decided to showcase her agility by doing a backbend, which resulted with her crumpled on the driveway. While Sean found it charming, another might see it as clumsy. The best entrances for the audience are bold ones, but to win Desiree over a sweet and thoughtful introduction will due.

Get Face Time with Des

Having a conversation with Desiree and putting yourself on her radar is essential to surviving the first rose ceremony, but being overly enthusiastic or pushy could send her running in the other direction. It will be an immediate turn off to be attention hungry, possessive or jealous within the first few hours of meeting her.

Pace Yourself

The first rose ceremony will be buzzing with excitement. There will be lots of champagne, little time to eat and a bevy of toasts made in Desiree's honor, which may lead to a few over served bachelors. The guys must pace themselves to earn a red rose at the end of the night. However, there are some cases where the liquid courage has actually served the contestants well. Exhibit A: Lindsey Yenter from Season 8 wore a wedding dress and got a bit fresh with Sean, yet he liked seeing her goofy side and kept her till the very end. 

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A Note to Desiree

Make sure to keep all the bachelors' names straight! She wouldn't want to pull a Jesse Palmer and send the wrong person home.

The Bachelorette season 9 kicks off Monday May 27 on ABC. 

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