The Bachelor: When Just Being Yourself Isn't Enough
On last night’s season premiere of The Bachelor 12, Matt Grant met 25 beautiful women. Each one got out of the limo and had a few seconds to introduce themselves to him. Other than that brief moment alone, the women had no private time with this man who had to cut 10 of them at the end of the night. Put 25 women in a room, pump them full of alcohol, stick 1 hot guy in there, and you’ll see some pretty interesting behavior. These women stopped at nothing to grab a rose and it seemed that, for the most part, the ones who just tried to be themselves were the ones who were sent home first.

Perhaps the reason that these relationships on The Bachelor never work is out is because people are not truly being themselves. Besides the fairy tale dates that would never happen in real life, the women seem too concerned with one upping each other or trying to be all the things that the bachelor is looking for. On the first night in the house, girls were pulling out all the stops from singing songs to playing instruments to getting down and dirty.

Ashlee brought her guitar and showed off her singing prowess. While her song was cute, she seemed to think that she was a lot better than she really was. Matt was pretty blown away by her and she received a rose at the end of the night. Michelle P. played the clarinet in the middle of the party (not exactly a way to liven things up) but Matt was still smitten and offered her a rose as well. Carri chewed through a can and Chelsea challenged him to an arm wrestling contest. Both were given roses.

One single lady in particular went way overboard.  Stacey was vile from the get go.  She made a complete fool of herself, putting her hands all over him, swearing like a sailor, and even going so far as to stick her underwear in his pocket while he chatted up another woman.  I have never been happier to see someone get booted off a show. 

The girls who didn’t go to great lengths to impress Matt ended up heading home.  Denise tried to spark a political debate with Matt but he wasn't having it.  Rebecca showed off her silly side while dancing at the party but he didn't seem impressed.  Pretty girls like Devon and Tamara who hung back a little bit were shown the door.  Is the lesson here that you have to do a three ring circus act just to get a man to notice you?  Should we, as women, really go to such great lengths to earn this "prize"?  Perhaps these relationships would have more staying power if being yourself was enough.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

(Image courtesy of ABC)