The Bachelor: The Top 5 Biggest Jerks
Over the years, The Bachelor has provided guys who have the total package.  They're good looking, they're athletic, they're smart, and they're romantic.  That's right, Andy Baldwin, I'm talking to you.  Every Bachelor, though, has to break hearts along the way, especially of the one that they don't choose at the final rose ceremony.  Some have handled it well, treating the women with respect and making sure they leave with dignity.   Others have shown the women the door without too much care or concern.  There have been Bachelors who are truly there to find love and others who are looking for a little camera time.  Let's forget the good ones and take a look at The Bachelor's 5 Biggest Jerks and how they ended up making this list.

#5 Charlie O'Connell

Charlie really must've gotten tired of living in his brother Jerry's shadow because he decided to go on a reality dating show in order to gain a little attention.  Throughout the season, The Bachelor kept saying that Charlie wanted to play the game by his rules and he certainly he did.  Not only did he date the girls for a short period between the filming of the show and the finale, but he decided to make his decision on live television.  That means that Krisily had to find out in front of her family, friends, and all of America with no editing.  Going on The Bachelor didn't him any points with me - or a meaning relationship for him.  Way to go.

#4 Matt Grant

Ugh, Matt Grant. I got excited when I heard that the show was bringing over someone from the U.K. to join the show. Accents are sexy. Here's what's not: a guy who just wants to get on television and picks the biggest spotlighter and camera hog of the entire season to propose to. We all knew that they weren't going to last and when the inevitable happened, they fought things out in the press, through People magazine and Access Hollywood.

#3 Alex Michel

You know those guys who think they're a lot better looking and more interesting than they actually are? Yeah, that's this guy. Oh, and he didn't pick Trista. Idiot. 'Nuff said.

#2 Lorenzo Borghese

That's Prince Lorenzo Borghese to you. Prince, my ass. Sure, his family might be disgustingly wealthy and he may have the title in front of his name but a prince, he most certainly is not. Not Prince Charming, at least. Lorenzo was voted the least likable Bachelor in history and maybe for good reason. He really wasn't romantic or charming at all. He was just rich and that's not enough to win over the hearts of America.

#1 Brad Womack

Well Brad, you didn't think you could dump both women at the final rose ceremony and get away with it, did you? We all hear DeAnna's voice cracking as tears poured down her face at the After The Final Rose Ceremony special: "You broke my heart!" echoing over and over in our heads. Brad expressed some remorse for embarrassing and hurting Jenni and DeAnna, yet was spotted with his ex-girlfriend soon after the show ended. Though ABC denied any romance between the two, we're not so sure. Brad certainly deserves the title and it's doubtful that anyone will ever be able to top him.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

(Image courtesy of ABC)