'The Bachelor' Poll: Brad Picked His Final Three, Let's Judge Them!
'The Bachelor' Poll: Brad Picked His Final Three, Let's Judge Them!
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Can you believe Brad Womack has settled on his final three potential loves-of-his-life? It feels like ... well, not yesterday, but definitely not two months ago, that he was sifting through 30 desperate, pawing young women in prom dresses at his first (second) opening night cocktail party! And now it's down to the cream of the lady-crop:

Chantal, the rich one. Ashley, the bubbly one. And Emily, the beautiful inside-and-out one.

Brad has openly promised us that, come hell or high drama, one of these women will be his bride. Now it's time to weigh in: Who should he choose?

We all know there are spoilers out there saying who Brad's going to dump next, and whose tiny manicured finger he's going to put a ring on at the end of this--but let's ignore all that for now. What I want to know is: Regardless of the spoilers, who do you think Brad should pick? Who's right for him? Are any of them actually right for him? Who's too good for him, and who's not good enough? Do you hope he picks the woman you don't like, because you don't like Brad, either? Do you even care at this point? (Not caring what happens to Brad is a legitimate option not to be ignored.)

So: Chantal? Ashley? Emily? Hoping Michelle makes a surprise reappearance at the bottom of the ninth? Who's your choice? Take the poll!

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There's a lot that plays into such a big (hypothetical, having no real bearing on your life or anyone else's life) decision, so please, use those comments down there to explain your choice and say your piece about Brad's final three. But please, keep it respectful. No saying you hope Chantal's face gets ripped off by monkeys. That's Michelle's job!

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