The Bachelor: Marshana's Conference Call
On Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor, Matt eliminated Marshana and Robin, opting not to head to their hometowns for the next round of dates. He offered no explanation to either of them. Marshana seemed hurt but at peace with the decision while Robin took the rejection very hard. Earlier in the episode, Chelsea had said that Marshana did not want to be on the show or fighting for Matt but she denied every saying those words. Her intentions were genuine and she truly was there to find love. Today, Marshana spoke to reporters during a conference call and said that she has no hard feelings about what happened during her time on The Bachelor.

Marshana told reporters that she was most disappointed that she didn’t get to show Matt the things that she liked to do back home. She listed out what their time together would have been like if he had chosen her. “I definitely wanted to walk the Brooklyn Bridge with him, have pizza on Fulton Street, have cheesecake at Junior’s, and ride bikes through Prospect Park,” Marshana said. “I really wanted to show him New York and things that I like to do. It’s sad to know that I didn’t get a chance to show him that.”

Marshana was the only African-American woman on The Bachelor this season.  She would have liked to have seen more diversity and even toyed with the idea of becoming the new Bachelorette, if the opportunity was presented to her.  “If ABC gave me the opportunity, absolutely, 100%, count me in,” she gushed. “IF I had to walk to L.A. to film the show, I would. Matt and I did not work out and that’s fine, I have no regrets. I am still single and I haven’t even been on a date since I’ve been home. I would love for ABC to gather me a great cross-section of men from all different walks of life.”

When Matt eliminated Marshana, he never did give a reason for why he sent her home.  She said that she felt that she did not have enough time with him on the skiing date to really talk to him about the hometown dates and a future together.  At this point, though, Marshana says it's all in the past and it's time to move on.  “Matt and I ended on the best of terms. When he eliminated me, he told me that it was a pleasure getting to know me and I said the same to him,” she said. “I never got a reason but I think it doesn’t really matter now. If you’re not the final person, it simply means that he couldn’t see himself building a life with you and that was a risk that I was prepared to take on national tv.”

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

(Image courtesy of ABC)