The Bachelor: It's like Survivor, only different
I've decided that The Bachelor is like Survivor. They may not have two tribes, but you can believe the women are strategizing to get each other booted out. Look at last week's incident where Stephanie tried to get Alexis to admit to being a virgin.  So let's look at the previews for tonight's episode.

Tonight's episode of The Bachelor promises more excitement; as you've probably seen on the previews, the bachelorettes are heading for a "Bachelor boot camp" complete with drill sergeant. Of course, this is actually another competition. It's like an immunity challenge on Survivor, see, with a rose going to the winner instead of an immunity idol. Bevin gets injured, but isn't she in luck? Andy just happens to be a doctor, in case you haven't been paying attention.

Next, five of the women get to "unwind" at a spa, which involves a mud bath. Stephanie T and Tina are both in this group; Stephanie grabs herself some extra handfuls of Andy in the mud bath while Tina gets herself steaming with jealousy.  This is clearly the "reward challenge" as one woman gets a private massage from The Bachelor himself.

Another reward challenge: four of the women, including Danielle, go to a racetrack to race cars like the one Andy drives (you know, the one I hate.) The "winner" gets to go on a "romantic" drive to the beach at sunset with Andy.

And finally, a two-on-one date on an aircraft carrier. I guess they'll be impressed by seeing what Andy's military work life is like. They seem impressed by just about everything. However, one of them gets voted of the island, er, sent home from the date without a rose.

Three women go home tonight – any bets on who that'll be? I don't expect Erin to last long, myself.

-Mel Harris, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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