'The Bachelor' Finale: Bachelor Nation Reacts to Nick and Vanessa
'The Bachelor' Finale: Bachelor Nation Reacts to Nick and Vanessa
Sundi Rose
Sundi Rose
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Another long night of The Bachelor, but at least we get an engagement out of it. After all the faux-suspense and melodrama, Nick really did get engaged to Vanessa. Even though they both acted like they might not, they left Finland as an engaged couple. Bachelor Nation is abuzz with feelings. Here's a few of the juiciest.

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I always like to start with Nick's perspective, and he talks about the night he was "staring down the snowy crossroads of [his] life." In his blog for People magazine, he dishes on the proposal and splitting with Raven. 

On the Build-up to the Decision: 

"I've been told I'm a bit of an over-thinker but imagining starting a family with Vanessa or building a future with Raven and trying to choose between the two had me back in my head spinning my roller skate wheels." 

On His Family's Reaction to Raven: 

"As fate would have it my family already broke the ice with Raven back in Wisconsin at Bella's soccer game so their faces lit up when I told them how seriously our relationship had progressed. Watching Bella and Raven bond like sisters felt like she was meant to be part of my family, like we had already been dating for years." 

On Vanessa's Immediate Connection to his Family: 

"A trait that made me fall so hard so fast for Vanessa is her courage to get straight to the point and express her genuine feelings in any situation. That was on full display when she didn't take more than five minutes to tell them about the time she puked on our first date and follow up by making my mother Mary cry by describing with sincerity the connection she's shared with me from the moment she stepped out of the limo."

"What I wasn't expecting to see is my father Chris and Vanessa crying in each other's arms. I think his message of needing to push beyond the feelings of love and embrace the sacrifices couples have to make actually turned out to be some of the best advice we got on our relationship." 

On That Beautiful Proposal: 

"Vanessa stood before me and I took her hand and finally let go of the apprehension and caution that I carried into the final week and just opened my mouth and let my heart talk. I think I blacked out during some parts of my proposal. When my knee touched the floor and I reached for the ring in my pocket everything we had been through together and all the possibilities our future could hold went off like the big bang in my brain." 

Chris Harrison addresses the audience's feelings of relief at seeing Nick finally get engaged on his blog for YahooTV. Here's what he had to say about the emotional night. 

On Nick's Family in Finland: 

"We were lucky enough to get a bunch of Nick's family to come all the way to Rovaniemi to meet the two women he was falling in love with. Chris and Mary and the bunch came a long way and opened up their lives and their hearts to both Raven and Vanessa. This family has been through a lot. They have 11 children and somehow still manage to keep their family together, so I think their advice and consult is something truly worthwhile." 

On the Breakup with Raven: 

"Raven and Nick had a very easy relationship in many ways, and Vanessa and Nick have a more difficult relationship, but I think this has a lot to do with how realistic Vanessa is trying to be. Not to say that Raven was not realistic, but as a hopeless romantic, she let herself become totally engulfed in the fairy tale that sometimes really does exist." 

On the Happy Couple: 

"There wasn't a dry eye in the house when Nick finally proposed to Vanessa. These two have certainly had their ups and downs, like anyone, but the thing that binds them is a passionate love and undying desire to be around each other. There was always a magnetism between these two people, and they are headed for a wonderful journey together." 

Ali Fedotowski is a reliably level-headed resource to turn to for a post-mortem. She explores the finale and After The Final Rose in her blog, Ali Luvs

On the Weird Santa Date: 

"Anyone else find the Santa thing weird? It's March! I get that they are in the arctic circle and this filmed back in November, but I just found it strange. Plus sitting there and talking to (IF YOU BELIEVE IN SANTA STOP READING NOW!!!) a stranger who is pretending to be Santa isn't really a great way to spend their final moments together." 

On the Awkwardness of the After The Final Rose

"Was it awkward? Well, yes. It's live TV and that can be awkward in general. But I think people thought it was weird because it was REAL!!! Vanessa isn't the type of person to sugar coat things and she was honest last night when she told all of us that things with her and Nick aren't easy and can be 'challenging.'" 

On the State of Nick and Vanessa's Relationship Now: 

"I thought Nick and Vanessa were slightly off compared to other couples on After the Final Rose in the past, but I think that's because they are being REAL with us! Do I think they will make it for the long haul? I don't know. That's up to them and only they know what their relationship is like behind closed doors. But I do wish them all the happiness in the world!" 

On Rachel's Big Surprise: 

"I love that they surprised Rachel with 4 of her men last night!!! I was skeptical about this "historical surprise" leading up to last night, but man did Chris Harrison deliver!!! And yes, these interactions were awkward!!! But that's because you guys are seeing this live for the first time." 

For some-real time reaction from Bachelor Nation, it's always handy to turn to the Twitterverse. People magazine compiled some of the more pointed Tweets from our favorite alumni. 

Sean Lowe Expresses Skepticism: 

"What's the winner going to do with her time this summer while Nick is filming [Bachelor In Paradise]?"

His Wife, Catherine Giudici Lowe Just Feels Sad for the Two:

"This is so real it's kinda depressing." 

Jade Tolbert Is Picking up on Some Weird Vibes: 

"The vibe of the whole room at After the Final Rose right now is so serious and strange feeling. No?" 

JP Rosenthal Agrees: 

"WTF is going on? This is all making me very uncomfortable." 

And Veteran Bachelorette, Trista Sutter, Makes an Ominous Observation:

"I am always hopeful for happy endings, especially when it comes to my bachelor nation family, but Vanessa Grimaldi doesn't seem happy?" 

Do you think Nick and Vanessa are going to make it? Did you pick up on the awkwardness?

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