The Bachelor: Episode 12.5 Live Thoughts
It's only the 5th episode of The Bachelor and already, we're down to 6 women.  The show is certainly moving things along quickly, aren't they?  He'll get rid of two more tonight which means that hometown and overnight dates are rapidly approaching.  Will Matt really be able to make a decision after such a short amount of time with these women?  I predict that Marshana and Chelsea will go home tonight.  Chelsea goes on a one on one date with Matt and, according to the previews, really does herself in.  I don't see her getting a rose at the end of the night.  We'll see how things play out and I'll be here throughout the entire hour with live updates.  Keep refreshing and post your comments, too!

No roses will be handed out before the rose ceremony.  The girls are headed to Idaho to ski.  Somehow, I never put skiing and Idaho together.  Shows how much I know...

Snowball fight.  Matt is throwing girls in the snow and shoving snow in their faces.  Talk about the last thing I would want a guy to do.  I don't care how hot he is.  Don't throw snow in my face.

Chelsea gets her first one on one date.  Robin looks pissed off.

Matt gets a horse drawn sleigh for his date with Chelsea.  It looks fun.  List of Chelsea's pet peeves: public displays of affection, hand holding, sudden movements.

At the house, four women find out that they're going skiing and Noelle FINALLY gets a one on one date with Matt.

Chelsea tried to show Matt how romantic she is by inviting herself to Matt's suite.  Romantic ... or ... forward?  They're kissing.  It's awkward.  This isn't working for me.

Matt's skiing with the girls.  Marshana is terrible and keeps falling down and screaming.

Chelsea is giving Noelle her date box.  More awkwardness.

Shayne is great at skiing but brought her makeup with her.  That is too funny.  My best friend reapplies her eyeliner before she takes out the trash.  I can relate to Matt!  As the two are kissing, Robin snowboards over and interrupts.  Of course.  She's asking why she doesn't get any alone time with him.  He says he already knows there's a connection. 

Amanda grabs him in hot tub and pulls him aside for some kisses.  That Matt is quite the busy bee!

Noelle is so sweet on her date.  I hope that Matt keeps her around for hometown dates.

At the house, the girls are talking about hometown dates.  Chelsea and Marsha are yelling at each other with Shayne standing in between them.  This is all because Marshana said that she knows how Matt lives.  I guess that really pisses people off.

Back to nice, quiet, romantic date time with Matt and Noelle.  I think he's falling for her.  YAY!

At the cocktail party, Marshana is ratting people out to Matt.  Ooh, the claws are coming out.  Chelsea interrupts for some alone time and gets to kiss him.  Robin also kisses Matt, while the other girls look on.  Why would anybody want to watch that?  Shayne is kissing Matt.  Nobody gets more action than The Bachelor.  Noelle and Amanda didn't seem to get any action before the rose ceremony.  Oh well, you can't kiss them all!

At the rose ceremony, Matt gives roses to Shayne, Noelle (YAY!), Chelsea (shocking), and Amanda.  Ooh, he eliminated Robin.  That is a shocking elimination!

Marshana's exit speech was obnoxious.  She talked about how fabulous she was. 

Robin storms out and burst into tears.  I actually feel bad for her. 

Matt's hugging 4 women at once, the envy of men everywhere.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of ABC)