The Bachelor: Episode 12.4 Live Thoughts
The Bachelor often likes to switch between 60 and 90 minute episodes.  Tonight is a 60 minute one and they are the ones I prefer.  Matt will take one girl on a 1950s themed date and, in true Bachelor fashion, she'll either get a rose or go home.  He'll take two others on a two-on-one date (which are always fun and awkward) and only one will get to return to the mansion.  The rest get a tea and tennis date.  BORING!  Three girls will be eliminated tonight.  Boy, the show is just moving things along isn't it?  I'll be here throughout the hour with live thoughts so keep refreshing and post your comments, too!

Six girls are headed out to play tennis with Matt and then have afternoon tea.  Noelle is terrible at tennis.  No sweat, Noelle.  Shayne isn't any better.  Ashlee is decent and Kelly just showed her butt.  Ah, nothing like a good flash before high tea.

Ugh, Ashlee is singing again during some one on one time with Matt.  Blech.  She's dumb as rocks too.  She didn't know what "take everything in stride" meant.  Matt is mesmerized by her.  Guys are so stupid sometimes.  She needs to STOP SINGING.  She just sang the words "I want the rose so bad".  I'm queasy.

Robin plays a good game.  I guess I don't totally get why the other girls don't like her, other than jealousy.  She's just up front and honest, never fake.  I like her.  Shayne is pissed and confronts Robin, making her cry.

Amanda gets a letter saying that she'll be out for tonight's one on one date.  I hope she doesn't get "the meeps" while she's out with him.  They're dressed 1950s style.  Cheesy.  Ha!  Matt just did a bad impression of The Fonz.  It made me giggle.

Marshana and Holly find out they're the unlucky two for the two on one date.  Marshana is in tears ... and a bit dramatic, if you ask me.  I could see why she's crying, though.  I think Holly is getting the rose.

Time for the date.  Let the one upping begin.  I hate when the girls do this.  He's taking each girl aside to talk to kiss them.  Woah!  He gave the rose to Marshana and sent Holly home!  I'm actually shocked.  The girls are shocked, too. 

Cue the crying girl in the limo scene where she says that she was totally herself, she wasn't what he wanted, she put herself out there, she opened up and got hurt, blah blah blah...

At the cocktail party, Matt is super serious.  He takes each girl aside to figure out who's right for him.  I'll tell you who is not right: Ashlee.  I expect her to get sent home tonight.  However, I've already been wrong once tonight so what do I know?

Noelle is so sweet, I'd like to see her stay.  Kelly seems stand offish and uninterested in Matt.  I think she'll go home too.  Wow, she just showed her boobs.  She's wasted.  And going home.

Matt hands out roses.  Here's who he calls: Shayne.  Robin.  Noelle.  Woo!  I called it.  Ashlee and Kelly are outta here.

YES!  Ashlee is singing in her exit interview.  It was sort of singing and talking and crying and awkwardness all mixed into one song that will never be played on the radio.  Thanks, Bachelor, for a good laugh to end my night!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

(Image courtesy of ABC)