The Bachelor: Episode 11.8 Live Thoughts
Any man who wants to be ABC's The Bachelor certainly has to go through a lot during his season.  One of the worst parts of being "the chosen one" is facing all the women you decided to dump on national television and answer their cries of "Why me?!"  I'm sure it's enough to make many men want to run and cower in a corner.  Brad is quite a brave man, facing these rejected women tonight.  As a viewer, I've been waiting all season for this, particularly to see what Hillary has to say.  It's time for some live thoughts and ABC promised a good episode, so I'm going to hold them to that!

Chris introduces the women and asks them about their first impression of Brad and what the first night was like.  Of course, they say that he was amazing.  They're showing clips of the show, yuck.  I hate when they do that.  Wow, Hillary has talked smack about everyone in the house.  The other girls have too but Hillary really can't keep her mouth shut.

Well, we're about 5 minutes into the show and already, McCarten has slammed Stephy and Sarah.  McCarten's behavior is so unattractive.  Brad really did the right thing getting rid of her early on.  After the break, we get to revisit Hillary's meltdown.  Yay!

Ok we're back and Hillary is in the hot seat as Chris recounts her more pathetic moments on The Bachelor.  Oh man, it's really awkward watching it the second time around.  Okay, now I feel bad as I watch Hillary's face watching herself on the video being rejected.  When Chris asks her about it, she's a good sport about it and jokes around. 

Time for Bettina's moment in the hot seat.  First, the clips of her time on the show this season which is mixed with good and bad moments.  Sheena confronts Bettina for the time when she said that her date with Brad sucked and was boring.  Neither she nor Hillary are big fans of Bettina!  Brad is watching backstage and the audience just gasped when she said that she was turned off by his behavior in D.C.

The audience is asking questions.  Hillary is asked if it upset her that she didn't get a hometown date considering what a disaster his visit to D.C. was with Bettina.  Yeah, of course she's upset!  Okay, audience member, THANK YOU.  Bettina is asked if it bothered her being intimate with Brad, knowing he was intimate with the other two girls.  The answer to that is a big YES.

Brad is coming out next.  That's what we're all waiting for.

Before Brad comes out, Sheena hits the hot seat.  Seems we'll have to wait a little longer.  As I watch the clips, I wonder how all these women could have fallen in love with him.  It's kind of strange because he couldn't possibly have been in love with all of them.  I think it would be really hard for me to be in love with someone who was dating 10 other women but then again, I've never been in that situation.

Okay, Brad is finally out on the stage ready to face ... wait a minute ... that's Chad.  Argh!  We're watching clips now of the girls who couldn't figure out that Chad was Brad's twin and not Brad.  He tells Sheena that she's a class act and Chris promises that after this break, Brad will finally come out.

Brad's on stage now and greets the women, but looks nervous.  Who wouldn't be?! 

Hillary asks the first question which isn't really a question.  It's more of a comment.  She tells him that she wishes he was more clear.  More clear, how?  He never gave her the impression that he had romantic feelings for her.  He tells her that he thinks highly of her, showing what a gentleman he is.

Bettina asks why she got a rose, even though he felt rejected by her family.  He tells her about the strong feelings he had for her.  Brad admits that he never really got to know Bettina, which he also said on the show.

Ha ha!  They're showing Hillary's x-rated commentary on what she wanted Brad to do to her.  His face is so red! 

Well, the special is wrapping up and it's time to place bets on Jenni or DeAnna.  Who is Brad going to pick?  I'm still going with DeAnna, even though I rooted for Jenni most of the season.  The women are asked for their opinion and by a vote of 6-5, Jenni edged out DeAnna.

Next week is the season finale.  Don't miss the episode where Brad chooses the woman he will spend his life with!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of ABC)