'The Bachelor' Deleted Scenes: The Love Bush Leaf Tells Sean to Man Up and Dump Tierra
'The Bachelor' Deleted Scenes: The Love Bush Leaf Tells Sean to Man Up and Dump Tierra
Sarah Watson
Sarah Watson
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Bachelor viewers saw a smarter, tougher (and hotter) side of Sean Lowe last night, am I right? A wise man knows when to ask for help, so I loved that Sean went to his sister, Shay, for advice about Tierra. It was obviously a strategic move to ask Tierra to meet Shay, as Sis would size her up quickly and give our bachelor some much-needed honest feedback. But who knows? Maybe Tierra would've passed the test -- if she hadn't shot herself in the foot before the game even began. 

The Love Bush Leaf

It was shocking to see our little troublemaker go last night, especially since her date with Sean seemed to go so well. The two strolled around the breezy streets of St. Croix, selling the heck out of Virgin Islands tourism. (Book your trip to beautiful St. Croix today!) In the first bonus video, we get an extra charming piece of island culture. A street vendor explains that the "love bush leaf" portends the growth or death of a relationship. A couple writes each of their names on the leaf and places it between the pages a book. If the leaf grows, so will their love. If the leaf dries up? Someone goes home in a van sobbing, "I hope the girls got what they wanted!"

I guess we know what happened to the love bush leaf!

It's Never Been Done Before

In the next deleted scene, Sean dramatically places the shell-bedazzled photo of Tierra face-down, showing us that Tierra is dead to his heart. Voted off the island! Sean chats with Chris Harrison and gives the most diplomatic reasons for dismissing Tierra. Sean 1) knew that she wasn't his future wife and 2) saw that living with the other ladies was hurting her, so he did the grown-up thing, ripped that band-aid off quickly and put her out of her misery. (Although knowing Tierra, she'll probably find misery somewhere else soon enough.)

Empowered by that tough move, Sean makes a few more power plays. After having dates with the remaining women, he doesn't feel like he needs a cocktail party to make his decision. They're moving straight to the rose ceremony, and he'll be the one to give the news. Oh yeah, and he'll explain Tierra's dismissal and fire one last warning shot that he is not about the drama, and his future wife shouldn't be either. He'll say all this while giving AshLee the stink-eye, which terrifies and enraptures her. Mean Sean is kinda sexy!

At this point, Chris Harrison is just as bewitched as the bachelorettes. Usually ABC forces Chris to bear the bad news, so he's grateful to Sean for doing the dirty work this time around. They laugh, shake hands and adjust their sports jackets after the brofest is over, and the camera turns to five bachelorettes shifting uncomfortably in their seats and nervously fixing their hair. The tension is palpable now. We can't wait for next week's hometown dates!

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