The Bachelor: DeAnna Pappas Talks about Her Experience
She was left heartbroken at the finale of The Bachelor, but DeAnna Pappas is a hopeful woman. She came back to the "After the Final Rose" episode with still some hope remaining that Brad Womack would see the error of his ways, only to be met again with his resolute desire to not continue the relationship.

She's had a lot to process after this highly public romance on The Bachelor, and she recently offered some perspective on experience and how she's doing after the show.

Deanna does continue to feel some level of confusion and hurt about Brad's choice, but she also is gracious and compassionate towards him, even while being honest about her experience on The Bachelor. She seems to possibly be coming to some kind of understanding about or at least peace with what Brad did.

She said, “Watching the show…was just as hard for me, it was very hard for me to watch. …when I woke up [after the show aired] it was it little clearer. There's still a lot of confusion there, but it's a little clearer and I think that with time, maybe it will come to me.”

She continued that, “It's a little clearer to see how he could let me go. I mean he knows that I'm a very strong person. I believe and I know that he believes that I am well deserving of the kind of man that can promise me the world, that can promise he'll be there for me, and can be as strong for me as I'll be for them. And I think with Brad, he knows I deserve that but he can not 100% commit that to me. He can not give that to me. And I think that's why he had to let me go.”

She thinks that Brad was sincere when he said his heart was broken as well.

“I believe that every word Brad said is very genuine and true,” she said. “I believe that it crushed him to sit there and watch me cry at the final Rose Ceremony, then watching again on national television, and then seeing me cry again at the After the Final Rose [taping]. I don't think any bit of that made him feel good what so ever.”

While she agreed, laughing, with Brad's own assessment that he needs to work on his “issues” – specifically commitment, she notes – she doesn't think he went into the show with any idea that this is how he would react or respond at the last moment. She said, “I do think that Brad was sincere about wanting to find a wife, yes. I believe that he came on the show with the correct intentions and with all of the best of intentions.”

And while DeAnna might not have come away with a proposal, she said she did get something positive from the experience. “I learned that it's not always bad to wear your heart on your sleeve,” she said. “If you don't fall in love you'll never know what that amazing feeling is like.”

She's not quite ready to pursue that amazing feeling just yet, but when asked if she would consider being The Bachelorette if the producers asked, she replied, “Of course I would. I believe in the experience and I believe that it can truly happen, and it happened for me. I'm sorry that Brad didn't have the feelings on his end, but I believe it and I think it can happen and I would be honored if they asked me to do it.”

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of ABC)