The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman Episode 7 Recap

Originally aired on Monday, 05/14/2007

Episode Rating: ***(3 stars out of 5)

Episode Overview: Now it's the women's turn to see Andy in his natural habitat as all three women head to scenic Hawaii for a series of illuminating overnight dates on The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman.

Episode Highlights:

  • Tessa continues to warm to Andy, but is it too late in the game?
  • Andy has some questions for Bevin after her recent revelation about her previous marriage.
  • Andy continues to have concerns about Danielle's past and whether or not she's ready to move on.

After the glamour of the “yachts and sports cars” lifestyle he adopted at the beginning of The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman, and the pressure of meeting the women’s families, Andy Baldwin is happy to be back in Hawaii and back in his element. He wants to show the women his real lifestyle, which is more down-to-earth and completely focused on his career in the US Navy.

Bevin is the first to meet with him, and he takes her out to a spot that he thinks will help really illustrate to the women what it means to be in the Navy: the memorial to the USS Arizona and the lives lost in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Bevin Powers is thrilled to see him and happy to finally see him in his own environment. The trip to the memorial brings home the commitment he has to the Navy, and she seems more than willing to make the commitment herself to that life.

Danielle Imwalle is next to arrive. She had a relative who was a nurse in Pearl Harbor so the visit to the memorial has resonance for her. The two toss flower petals into the water in tribute to the lives lost.

Last to arrive is Tessa Horst. She says in interview that she’s not entirely sure she can see herself in the naval lifestyle. She and Andy also toss flowers, and as they do, a young girl joins them. Andy says he saw it as foreshadowing, but when he tells the little girl Tessa is his girlfriend, she seems to just laugh nervously. However, it might not be for lack of emotion; after their meeting she says that she is starting to be able to see herself with Andy it makes her feel “jittery.”

Tessa and Andy have the first overnight date on this episode of The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman. Andy thinks the two of them have been on a sort of emotional “roller coaster” in the past, but it’s been getting “better and better.” Tessa knows she hasn’t really opened up to him in the past and thinks she might be ready to make the effort to do so.

Their date is on what Andy thinks is the ‘most romantic island” of Kauai. The two first take an exciting ride on a zip line. After the zipline, the two take a hike to a scenic picnic spot. Andy likes how adventurous and “up for anything” she is. Tessa likes the fun side of her that comes out around Andy, and loves how he makes her laugh.

Later, before dinner, the two share some alone time in a hammock, and Tessa does start to open up even more, telling him how good she feels when she is with him. Andy is amazed at how just hours ago they were out roughing it, and now he feels like a king with his queen at dinner. Tessa opens the card inviting them to the fantasy suite, and despite how the commercials made it seem, she accepts without hesitation, saying she would love for more alone time with Andy.

In the suite, she thanks him for being patient, and says that she just made a promise to herself that she would stay true to herself and her feelings and so couldn’t just jump right in since that, at the time, wasn’t where she was at. In interview, however, she says she thinks she is now falling in love with Andy.

Next date is with Danielle. Andy says that he is feeling a genuine connection with Danielle and the “whole package is coming together.” The two go out on a catamaran and go snorkeling. Later, they sit on the boat and discuss the future. Andy says he can see himself staying in Hawaii, and Danielle says she can too. She talks about a psychic she visited when she was with her boyfriend who later passed away. Although she could see herself spending the rest of her life with that person, the psychic told her she would have two more relationships beyond that one. She tells Andy that he is that third relationship. Ominously, he doesn’t say anything in response.

Andy says he’s concerned that she hasn’t left the past behind, so he makes some plans for dinner. Honestly, it seems that he is the one who can’t leave the past behind – it seems like he is usually the person bringing up the painful past with Danielle. He invites a psychic to dinner, who reads her cards and tells her that there is some lingering sadness from the past, and apprehension.  Andy asks the psychic if he will be engaged.  The psychic tells him to let go of all the thinking and worry and to make his decision from the heart.

He gives her the fantasy suite key and the two of them spend some intimate time together, talking about future plans.  Andy says that he thinks the two of them share some core beliefs.  He also thinks she's a great kisser. 

His final overnight date is with Bevin. Andy – again – acknowledges their strong physical connection, but wonders if they have more than that to share. He and Bevin head out on a kayaking trip through a rain forest canopy, and then stop for a hike. He asks her if she could see living there, and then if she could see living there with him. She says yes and he hugs her with joy. He says in interview that he feels electricity in his soul when he is with Bevin.

Later, they jump off a small cliff near a waterfall and frolic in the water. Bevin says she has never met anyone like Andy and thinks they are meant to be together. She says that she is ready to take her life to the next level.

At the luau, the two dance the hula, but afterwards, Andy has some tough questions. He wants to know if she is interested in marriage after going through one failed one. She says she is and she is ready for the man who will be her “everything,” and then lists all the roles that she sees her spouse playing. Andy is glad she is forthcoming and offers her the invitation to the fantasy suite. She accepts, but seems to want to use the time to talk rather than get physical, saying they already know they have a physical connection. In interview she admits she thinks she is in love with Andy.

After all his dates, Andy is feeling quite conflicted. He calls on his best friend, Gatsby to come in to assist. Gatsby has him describe each of the women. Andy describes Tessa as light-hearted and mentions her career as a social worker. He also tells Gatsby about her hesitation. He highlights again his chemistry with Bevin, and also says she is a “wild child.” With Danielle he (again, ominously) seems to focus on things around her rather than Danielle herself, commenting again about her loss, and mentioning the strong bond her parents have.

Andy also says that he feels like he changes his mind after each date, and says he thinks that Bevin and Danielle are most invested. Gatsby says that Andy is trying to be analytical about the situation, and that he is also concerned about having to, as he puts it, say no to a woman he has said yes to with every rose so many times. Andy clearly does seem reluctant to have to bring down someone he has built up. Gatsby leaves, saying he’s not sure what decision Andy is going to make.

Ready or not, it’s Rose Ceremony time. Heading into the event, Andy says that he is a healer and doesn’t want to hurt anyone, and he can’t really find any good reason to eliminate anyone. But he’s got to and we get right into it.

The first rose goes to Bevin. The second, to Tessa. Danielle is being sent home. She and Andy stop for a moment to talk before she gets in the limo. She is disappointed, that is obvious, saying that Andy “set the bar high” for the next guy – but handles herself with grace and dignity as best as she can in the difficult situation.

Next week is the season finale. The women and Andy will travel to his hometown to meet HIS family, so now it will be the women’s turn to impress. Then Andy must make his final decision on The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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