The Bachelor 13: "The Women Tell All" Live Thoughts (Page 1/4)
We still have to wait one more week before we can find out which bachelorette, Molly or Melissa, becomes the 13th winner of The Bachelor with Jason Mesnick. But tonight, we get to revisit the eliminated women from earlier in the season in the two-hour special, "The Women Tell All."

Stay with me all night as I provide you with live thoughts. Also, post your own in the comments section below!

Well, maybe because the producers of The Bachelor don't have enough material to fill up the two full hours, we begin, as usual, with an extended recap of the whole season.  If you haven't tuned in to The Bachelor yet this season, you needn't worry because this recap will catch you all up: Jillian is awesome, but Jason let her go.  Molly's family is golf- and hat-crazy.  Melissa's family doesn't approve of the publicness of her reality TV dating.  Now, it's down to Molly and Melissa, but tonight is all about the reunion show.

Chris Harrison comes out on stage to greet the hordes of screaming fans of the show.  He explains that Molly and Melissa, the final two, will not be in the show tonight.  Oh sad!  Chris gets the show going with a video of a sit-down chat Chris had with Jason Mesnick.

The first thing they two talk about is the spitfire, Megan Parris.  He asks about the big General Hospital scene in which Megan laid a huge kiss on him.  Jason's kind of a douche, saying that he felt the "claws" coming out in the other women while he was kissing Megan.

Then, Chris asks about Shannon's snotty, nose-picking kiss.  Yikes, I didn't need to see that again.  I love how both Chris and Jason are like, "Yeah, Shannon was likeable," instead of "Shannon is bat-s--- crazy."

Jason, for the umpteenth time, takes credit for bringing Stephanie Hogan's daughter on their date.  Like he had anything to do with it!  Whatever.

Next, Chris asks about Jason's hometown date with Naomi Crespo.  He says that he thought the whole dove burial was a joke, until he peeked inside the paper bag and found an actual dead dove.  Clearly, he has not an iota of creativity in that sad little brain of his because he says once again that he had no idea how to eulogize a dove.

Chris asks Jason about Jillian, and Jason says that she was the "ultimate friend."  But Chris says, "Well, what was up with the steamy hot tub scene with your 'friend'?  Ha!  Chris Harrison is awesome.  Naturally, Jason equivocates.

Chris asks about the overnight tent date with Molly, and Jason says that they only had three hours in the tent together, and that they only went to first base.  Yeah, right.  Who believes that?  Not I.

After the first commercial break, Chris and Jason talk about some never-before-seen footage.  Jason tells everyone about a romantic horseback riding date he went on with Naomi.  The horse he was riding really knows what's up because it clearly doesn't like Jason.  It bucks like crazy, trying to throw Jason off his back.

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-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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