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Tonight on The Bachelor, we'll finally find out which eligible bachelorette Jason Mesnick will choose. Will it be Melissa Rycroft, the former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader? Or will it be Molly Malaney, the fast food-loving golf nut from Michigan? Or will it be some linear combination of both that will blow our minds? I'm hoping for the latter.

Stay with me through tonight's two-hour finale, as well as the one-hour "After the Final Rose" special. I'll try to keep you entertained with my thoughts throughout; you can share your thoughts in the comments section below, as well!

The episode opens on the beach with Jason's reunion with his son Ty on a beach in New Zealand. Even though Ty isn't all that cute, I must say that he is a really smart kid, as he had no trouble in recognizing his dad despite not seeing him for weeks on end.

Melissa has the honor of meeting the little tyke first, and the three of them convene on a golf course.  I bet Molly, the golf nut, is green with envy.  Melissa seems really good with Ty, telling him cute knock-knock jokes and such.  Jason steps away for second to get a surprise for Ty, and Melissa has a grand old time with the little boy.  Jason comes back carrying a lamb, which is probably, like, freaked out of its little mind.  Ty wants to name it Sheep.  He obviously inherited Jason's creativity.

After their golf excursion, Ty is put down for a nap, and the grown-ups go to meet the rest of the Mesnicks: including Jason's mother and father and brothers.  The parentals waste little time before grilling her about her thoughts about Ty and about moving to Seattle.  They sit down to dinner, and Melissa admits that she is definitely in love with Jason.  The family brings up the fact that Jason never got to meet her parents in the hometown date, which is a big deal to Jason's family.  Jason's mom, Irene, takes Melissa aside and asks about her family.  Melissa is super-defensive about the fact that her folks were so camera-shy.

Jason's brothers take their turn to grill Melissa, during which, Melissa answers a string of her own rhetorical questions.  Ty wakes up from his nap and wants to hang out with Melissa, which the family just eats up.  I think Melissa hit it out of the park.

After a short while, Melissa must take her leave.  Jason says in an interview that after today, he is really falling in love with Melissa.

After the break, it's time for Molly and her two pounds of eye shadow to hang out with Ty.  Jason asks her what today is, and Molly says, it's the day to meet the little guy.  Um, didn't that happen in the fantasy suite?  Molly doesn't have a lot of experience with kids, so this should be good.  Ty doesn't warm up to her very well, leaving her hanging when she asks for a five.  He refuses to throw the frisbee to Molly either.  But as I can attest to from my own personal life, frisbee brings people together, and Ty begins to have fun with Molly while tossing the disc together.  Then, they try to fly a kite.  (Jason says: "We got it up!" which is incidentally the same thing he said to Molly in the fantasy suite.)  I have to say, though, that I feel really bad for Ty.  It must be tough for the kid to be meeting all these people, and on national television.  The kid is going to grow up with YouTube videos following him around until the end of his life.

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