'The Bachelor 13' Aftergasm: The Bad Girls' Club
Only three episodes into The Bachelor, and already some of the bachelorettes competing for the heart of Jason Mesnick have begun backstabbing each other in a true display of their personalities. Thankfully, the bitchy ones still seem to be outnumbered by the good-hearted, sincere ones, but it's still early yet.

The way I see it, there are at least four, if not more, drama queens in the house: Natalie, Lauren, Megan and Erica. Natalie and Erica were eliminated last night, but don't let that lull you into complacency. I'm sure there will be many more displays of out of control histrionics on The Bachelor soon enough.

Let's take a closer look at each member of the Bad Girls' Club.


As BuddyTV reader neutle pointed out in a comment on the recap of the episode, “Natalie was cast on the wrong show. She should have been appearing in True Beauty. Oh. My. Goodness. She was very caught up in herself, and frankly, I'm not sure why. She was pretty, yes, but not all that – the fake (orange) tan, and bleached, dried-out hair.”

So true, neutle. So true. I was so relieved when Jason sent her home because even before she pitching a fit and swearing up a storm in the Limo Ride of Shame, I wasn't all that impressed with her. Not that Jason has been astounding me with wondrous conversational skills, but Natalie could hardly keep up her end of the conversation.


Lauren hadn't really made a presence on The Bachelor until this third week. I'm hard-pressed to remember anything she did or said in the first two weeks, but in last night's episode, she eagerly outed her fellow bachelorettes, Megan and Erica, as two of the troublemakers in the house. The thing is, I have a feeling that she should have included herself in the list as well. Perhaps she really had Jason's best interests at heart, or maybe Megan and Erica were just getting on her nerves so much that she needed them out ASAP. Whatever the reason, Lauren was responsible for causing much of the drama during the third cocktail party.


If nothing else, Megan is definitely memorable. She was the one voted off during the season premiere. Although, of course, in a shocking twist, getting voted off merely earned her a rose instead of an immediate trip home. My favorite part from that twist was when she promptly responded to receiving her rose with a very classy bleeped out curse to the other bachelorettes. Then, she caused a ruckus last week when she yelled at a very drunk Erica for being two-faced. Honestly, the fight was so inane that I can hardly remember exactly what it was about. The take-home message is that this woman likes to fight and I'm actually glad she's sticking around just so we can see what other kind of brouhaha she'll be involved in next week.


Nothing against actual sorority girls, but Erica is like the quintessential stereotypical sorority chick in dumb stoner movies. She seems like the type of woman who likes to party, and she's not shy about teasing Jason about checking out her boobs. However, there doesn't seem to be a lot of substance underneath her cleavage. I suspect that Jason agrees with me, as she was one of the women left roseless at the end of the third Rose Ceremony.

What do you think? Who else deserves a membership to the Bad Girls' Club?

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of ABC)