'The Bachelor 13' Aftergasm: It's All About Self-Esteem
'The Bachelor 13' Aftergasm: It's All About Self-Esteem
Before I begin this aftergasm, I must admit that I think my opinion of which bachelorette Jason Mesnick will choose has been greatly influenced by the bored Canadian blogger who, at the beginning of the season, narrowed in on Melissa as being the eventual winner of The Bachelor. All throughout the season, I've watched as Jason seems to be falling in love with this stunning 25-year-old brunette from Dallas, Texas, but for the life of me, I really can't say why.

Full disclosure: Before I go on to explain my anti-Melissa position, I must make it clear that Jillian is my favorite bachelorette in this season of The Bachelor. Notwithstanding her penchant for choosing suitors based on their hot dog topping of choice, I noticed her amongst the gaggle of 24 other women right from the get-go. She is outgoing and fun to be around, and almost all of the eliminated bachelorettes whom I have had the chance to speak to have specifically singled her out to be one of the sweetest and most fun women on the show. All that said, I'm hoping that she doesn't actually win The Bachelor, but I'll get to that a bit later.

OK, so back to Melissa. I didn't think it at all weird that her family didn't want to take part in the hometown date, nor did I think it unusual that her friends didn't seem to know her parents either. I haven't met many of my close friends' parents, nor have my parents met many of my friends, but I think that my friends and I are a pretty well-adjusted and fun bunch of people.

What I do think is worth taking note of regarding Melissa is her lack of self-confidence. Remember way back in Episode 3 when they all had the group date to make plaster busts for the breast cancer awareness organization? Melissa told Jason that she can't help but be super-critical about her appearance, and had breast reduction surgery when she was 17. It just sounds like she is not the strongest of women, never confident or happy with herself.

Adding further evidence to my theory is when she says things like, “He makes me feel, like, worthy and, like, beautiful.” Honey, if you need a man to feel worthy, then maybe you have some more growing up to do. Also there were those things her friends said about her. Her friend Stephanie said, “I don't really want to say that Melissa's past relationships have used and abused her, but in a way, it seems like they have.” Big warning sign, if I ever saw one! I'm getting the feeling that Melissa has trouble knowing her own self-worth, and ends up with men who like her for her boobies, but not much else. If Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) of How I Met Your Mother were a real-life person, he would buy a ticket straight to Dallas to take advantage of this fragile woman who seeks to fill the void of parental approval by dating jerks.

All that said, however, I still think that Melissa is the best match for Jason and will most likely end the season with a big ol' diamond ring on her finger. She clearly has the most physical chemistry with him compared to the rest of the women. You can tell because there's a lot more touching and cuddling when Jason talks to her than when he talks to anyone else. True, he does make out with everyone else too, but those kisses look like they are more for the benefit of the camera than for any actual pleasure enjoyed by either party.

Another reason why I think Melissa is best for Jason is that he seems to want a needy woman in his life. He had his reservations about Jillian last week in Seattle because he thought she was “too strong” and that he wants his woman to rely on him. Even if he did have through-the-roof chemistry with Jillian, she is clearly far too strong and independent for his taste. (Melissa can more than fulfill this quality that Jason so desires.) Jillian is too good for that and deserves a partner who would appreciate her strength rather than faulting her for it. I wish all the best for Jillian, as she is clearly the coolest chick on the show, and for me, “all the best” includes not winning The Bachelor, since practically all of the relationships borne of this unholiest of reality shows tends to end quite abruptly immediately after filming.

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Best In Show

Best Quote:
Jason: “Today, I learned that Hector loves Jesus.”

Best Scene:
Naomi's entire hometown date, from the hula hoop contest to burying Rosie, the dear, departed pigeon, culminating in the cherry on the cake of awkward dates: Naomi's dad speechifying about his love for Jesus, while sitting in front of the family slot machine, followed immediately by Naomi's mom speechifying about reincarnation and soul families.

Best User Comment:
“It's hilarious how they had to pretend they lived in a houseboat off Lake Washington,” kaycee, pointing out how shamelessly The Bachelor is playing up Seattle clichés.

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-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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