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As if one "After the Final Rose" special weren't enough, we have another one tonight!

The Bachelor just concluded its 13th season last night, and tonight, we check in on the how Jason Mesnick, Molly Malaney and Melissa Rycroft are doing.

I'll be here all night long with my thoughts.  Keep me company by posting your thoughts below!

Tonight's "After the Final Rose" Part 2 was taped quite recently, about six weeks after the first part was taped.  So we'll get to see how Jason, Molly and Melissa have been adjusting to real life. Chris Harrison takes the stage and gives a quick recap of what happened last night.  But you can read my recap of the night, and I assure you, mine is funnier.

After a short clip show, again recapping the dramatic events of last night's finale, Chris welcomes Naomi Crespo, Kari Fajen (whose hairstyle has improved dramatically since the last reunion show), Nikki Kaapke, Erica and Stephanie Hogan back to The Bachelor stage to get their two cents about the ordeal.  Nikki says that it was heartbreaking to watch Melissa go through that ordeal, but Stephanie is more sympathetic of Jason's feelings.  Stephanie was moved watching Jason cry on the balcony.  Erica thinks that Jason should have taken a step back before making such a big decision as proposing, a decision by definition affects other people's lives.  Naomi says, though, that she wanted to punch Jason in the face when she saw him dump Melissa in public.  I just can't believe that Stephanie and Kari are being so charitable toward Jason.

Chris goes out to the audience where a woman wants to know how Jason could put someone through that emotional turmoil, even after going through a divorce himself and then being dumped by DeAnna Pappas.  But another woman says that she understands Jason and thinks that he made the right decision.  After a string of women giving their two cents, Chris asks a male audience member, who gets applause when he says that he would never have proposed if he felt so torn between two women.  I really can't believe it, but Stephanie jumps in to defend Jason again.

After the break, Jason Mesnick takes the stage, and he actually gets applause from the audience.  He sits down and concedes that what he did was not the classiest thing in the world, but he still had to follow his heart and yadda yadda yadda.  Chris reminds us that what we are watching right now, Part 2 of "After the Final Rose" is actually six weeks after the first part.  In order to torture Jason a little bit, we get a clip of him breaking up with Melissa again.

After watching the clip, Chris asks Jason what he thinks, after having six weeks to reflect upon it.  He starts getting teary-eyed as he tells America that he isn't proud of what he did, but he had to do it for the best interest of everyone involved.  Dude, people get that you wanted to break up with her.  It's how you broke up with her that people are objecting to!  Chris asks Jason whether he would be able to look Ty in the eyes and tell him that he's proud of what he did, and Jason has the audacity to say that yes, he did what he did with integrity.

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