The Bachelor 12: Why Matt Should Choose Shayne
Matt Grant is the envy of many men. 25 beautiful and interesting women from all over the country came to meet him, in hopes that he would be their soul mate. He spent the 12th season of The Bachelor, taking them on extravagant and romantic dates. He kissed more women in a month than some men kiss in their lifetimes. Yet, there's part of the job of being The Bachelor that certainly isn't enviable. Each week, he must break a woman's heart, sending her home, and running the high risk of encountering a meltdown. Now, Matt is down to only two women: Shayne and Chelsea. It seems the two stand an equal chance to hearing Matt say, "Will you marry me?" on Monday night's finale. If Matt's having trouble deciding, here are a few reasons why Shayne would be the best match for him.

There’s no denying that Matt was attracted to Shayne right from the very beginning. She epitomizes a glamorous California girl. Yet, Shayne had a difficult time not being the center of attention every time Matt was around. Perhaps it was what she was use to in her everyday life but here, on The Bachelor, she’d have to fight for what she wanted and that really upset her. Early on, she pitched a fit in Vegas, saying she didn’t want to be there if she couldn’t have time with him. Matt was ready to send her home, feeling that she was too dramatic but gave her another chance to prove that she could relax and give him some space.

This season, Matt also worried that Shayne was only there because she is an aspiring actress. Her own father, actor Lorenzo Lamas, even verified that on her hometown date. Yet, Shayne has consistently proven that she is there only for him. Matt and Shayne have been through a lot in a short amount of time. Perhaps they’ve proven to each other that they can weather the storm and find happiness for a lifetime together.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of ABC)