The Bachelor 12: "The Women Tell All" Live Thoughts
I don't envy Matt Grant, or any Bachelor for that matter.  It sounds great, dating and making out with 25 beautiful women all season ... until you get to tonight.  Tonight is perhaps, my favorite episode of the season: The Women Tell All.  Matt got an easy out, dumping women one by one, and sending them off in a limo.  Now, he'll have to face all of them and answer tons of uncomfortable questions.  I'm hoping for some catfights, some tears, and lots of Matt wishing he were somewhere else.  Hey, he signed up for it!  I'll be here throughout the hour with live updates so keep refreshing and post your thoughts, too!

The girls are talking first impressions.  Amanda says how good looking Matt was and Marshana says he was in great shape.

Stacey is being called out for stuffing underwear in Matt's pocket.  Reliving her craziest moments (and she was only there one night)!

Robin's up next.  First, a montage of the most dramatic moments: Marshana's "pick me" speech, Ashlee's gloating over the rose, the Marshana/Robin fight, the Marshana/Chelsea fight, Robin stealing time with Matt, Robin vs. the women in the house.  Whole lotta Robin.  Whole lotta Marshana.

Robin's in the hot seat.  The girls say she wasn't there to find love.  She said she was.  Kelly says if she were a dude she wouldn't date Robin but then again, Robin probably wouldn't date her.

Now, the other drama queen, Marshana is in the hot seat.  First, more dramatic Marshana clips.  Booooo.

Side note: is Kelly drunk in every clip?

Question to ponder: Who do you dislike more?  Marshana or Robin? 

Amanda's in the hot seat now.  I love her for telling Matt off when she was eliminated.  I love her meeps, too.  She said she's still confused as to why Matt dumped her.  We are, too!

Matt's now suffering through the last 15 minutes of the show, facing all the women.  He's doing some damage control with Amanda but ... damn.  He IS pretty charming.  I'd probably forgive him!  Stacey brings a new pair of underwear for Matt - granny panties.  What a nut!  Boo, Matt's not suffering through any of this.  In fact, he seems entertained.  No fair.

Okay, the outtakes from this season were so funny.  I burst out laughing when Matt couldn't say "incomparable".

Matt says he's engaged and he's found his perfect match.  Hope this one lasts ... for ONCE.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of ABC)