The Bachelor: Episode 11.4 Live Thoughts
On tonight's episode of The Bachelor, two rivals go out on a date with Brad, but only one will come home.  Cue the dramatic music!  Jealousy starts to get the best of the women and they take it out on Jenni.  Many of the women are brought to tears, and why shouldn't they cry and fight?  They've known Brad five minutes, they're entitled!   At least there's never a dull moment.  Time for some live thoughts and I'm here for the hour so post what you think, too!

Three dates tonight - a one-on-one, two-on-one, and group.  Of course, Jenni gets the special date with him.  And of course, the girls turn on her right away, saying she's there for the wrong reasons.  I don't know what their problem is other than jealousy.  I actually like Jenni.  Brad's landing in a helicopter while the girls scream their heads off.

The girls comfort Hillary but uhh, Hillary?  Everyone's upset.  Everyone's jealous.  Everyone feels left out.  She sure cries a lot, doesn't she?  The helicopter lands on a building where a meal waits for them.  Just like every date we ladies have been on, right? 

Coming up, the girls break out the claws.  I'm slightly excited.

DeAnna and McCarten are rude to the other girls and they've just about had it.  Jade lays the smackdown, telling them to stop asking questions and then not letting her answer.  Jenni and Brad can't help how they're feeling for each other, and they share kisses while telling each other they want to see each other every day.  Awwww... unless she screws up, she'll be there at the end. 

Jade finds out that she and DeAnne will be going on the two-on-one while the rest get the group date.  No surprise that Jenni gets the rose in a cheesetastic moment, where she says she will accept it with all her heart and he begs her to come near him.

The six girls head to improv class, which I can imagine would be some people's worst nightmares and it is Kristy's.  I used to hate this stuff in acting class, walking around like a chicken and things like that. Bettina blurted out that she loved Brad during an improv game.  Yikes.  Hillary was funny but a little egotistical in her interview.  She's like, "I was AMAZING!"  Kristy bombs big time and bursts into tears.  Bettina gets the rose, for putting out a good effort during the games.  Hillary can barely handle it. 

Ok so who's coming home from tonight's two-on-one?  Originally, I would've said DeAnna but as I watch, I wonder if maybe he'll see through her and choose Jade.  Let the competition begin!  The two girls talk over each other and play a little game I like to call: Top That.  Jade tries her best to be the cute, sweet one when she gets a minute alone with him.

Back home, the girls say they'd marry Brad in a heartbeat and Bettina lets out her secret to them that she's been married.  I don't know how anyone can say they'd marry him within 6 weeks.  Jenni and Hillary say they'd say yes right now.  What???

DeAnna softens it up during her time with Brad.  Time for Brad to make a decision.  Yeah, he went with DeAnna, sending Jade home.  Aw, man.  Creepy Suitcase Guy goes and takes her things out of the house and the girls are surprised she was the one to go.

I feel like Sheena will be one to go home, as Brad sits down with each woman.  I never see them having a connection with her and sometimes, I forget she's on the show.  Wait, she just cried so maybe she'll be hanging around.  The girls ask Brad who he kissed first and are angry that the answer is Jenni.  They decide to turn on her, but she doesn't seem to care.  The tears are a-flowin' among the other women.

Time to give out roses.  Kristy gets the first one and Sheena gets the second.  Okay, she gets to stay and I was wrong.  Hillary gets the last and that means he eliminated Stephy and McCarten.  Stephy takes it well and cries because he wasn't the guy for her, not because she lost her love.  McCarten can barely get words out.  And so, Brad moves on with six women and next week, it looks like it's going to be shocking as Hillary exits the show.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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